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The Bi-Sexual Life
The Bi-Sexual Life
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Hello and thank you for visiting our website and we appreciate the time you are taking to check us out. Please take a moment to join our mailing list above, that way you will be informed of all upcoming events and parties.
2024 will be a great party year and we still have some fantastic parties in December to come. The new year our party schedule will remain the same. You'll be notified if we need to change anything.  join us every 1st Saturday and 3rd (usually) Tuesday of every month at SECRET DIVERSIONS, A GREAT PARTY HOUSE IN WALDORF MD. 
 Our upcoming dates  are:

For 2024 our parties will resume as the first Saturday every month and the 3rd Tuesday. If that ever changes I will tell you...Please mark your calendars

Here is what we have planned so far:
March.......Sat 2nd............Tues, 19th
April.........Sat 6th.............Tues, 16th
May..........Sat 4th.............Tues, 21st
June..........Sat 1st.............Tues, 18th
July...........Sat 6th.............Tues, 16th
August......Sat 3rd.............Tues, 20th
Sept...........Sat 7th............ Tues, 17th
Oct.............Sat 5th............Tues, 15th
Nov.............Sat 2nd...........Tues, 19th
Dec.............Sat 7th............Tues, 17th
To attend any party just text the party date to    202-599-7107 or visit  to get passes
Our web site also has updated info
John your host is at

And we start the new year off like this:

Jan 6th … 1stSaturday

Jan 16th … 3rd Tuesday

Feb 3rd … 1st Saturday

Feb 20th … 3rd Tuesday

Mar 2nd … 1st Saturday

Mar 19th … 3rd Tuesday

and so on Prepare to party


Plan ahead because your party time is valuable and we like to maximize your full party potential.
Our "Bi-weekly Parties" are Hosted by and
Make sure you sign on above to keep informed of other parties and functions we host or support. 
 PLease do support our events as we do this for your pleasure and enjoyment. 
   We are always open to new venues and bisexual supportive venues and events. If you would like ot host a party in your area  just say hi and let us know. Contact john, (TheRevDrFeelgood) at




Here is some up to date info to start with. We do parties the first Saturday of every month and one Tuesday a month (usually the 3rd ! 

It's time to party once again at Secret Diversion a greta party house specifically designed for our kind of party. With 3 playrooms, 9 glory holes, bdsm equipment, a social deck is open, a virwing room and fun sexy people who love to play.

 Its BYOB we provide mixers and munchies. 

Dan, most know simply as Santa  will be your host along with Michelle our house hostess.  John is announcing the Demolition Derby that night at Potomac Speedway. He'll join us afterwards if there's time.

These parties really have a reputation for being very playful. The best part is that the gender ration has really neen balanced lately with a great variety of playful people. we really get a diverse group. 

 Don't forget out Tuesday events at SD also . We do these the 3rd TUesday each month  because not everyone is avialbale for weekends and many of us stay horny so a mid week break is always nice. Cum join us, These are really fun playful partiers. 

 If you haven't ventured to Secret Diversion yet , do yourself a favor and stop by and check us out. It's designed to make pleasure easy and my parties are simply to give people a lace to be their self , no one judehes, cum be youo

 To attend : Contact Michelle our house hostes t\by texting the party date 6-3  to 202-599-7107  or on line at

or contact JOhn your host at

 Come out and join us for a sexy fun time, Remember, if you come, you;ll cum.

Hosted by:

Bi-weekly Parties of and

NOW, the FIRST Saturday of EVERY month from 9pm to 2am.

Also, don't forget our mid month, mid week parties the 3rd TUESDAY of each month (unless otherwise noted)

Just to keep everyone on schedule, here is the last 3 months

Dec. 23rd...Saturday from 9pm to 2am
Dec. 19st ...Tuesday from 8pm to 12am

For 2024 our parties will resume as the first Saturday every month and the 3rd Tuesday. If that ever changes I will tell you...Please mark your calendars for:

Jan 6th … 1stSaturday

Jan 16th … 3rd Tuesday

Feb 3rd … 1st Saturday

Feb 20th … 3rd Tuesday

Mar 2nd … 1st Saturday

Mar 19th … 3rd Tuesday

and so on Prepare to party

Mark your calendars make arrangements with friends and put is on your events list today...Let's make 2023 the sexiest, most playful year ever JUST TO GIVE 2024 SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO.

be safe, be fun and be friendly and remember ..."If you come, you'll cum".


As always, to get info and passes to our parties always text (party date) 12-22 to 202-599-7107 and Michelle our wonderful House Hostess will get you all the info you need. Our Web site THEBISEXUALLIFE.COM (um, this IS where you are NOW> WILL ALSO HAVE UPDATED INFO.


                                                   OUR INFO

🌈 Welcome to Your Bisexual Oasis! 🌟

Hey there, lovely souls! We're thrilled to have you here at THEBISEXUALLIFE.COM, the ultimate hub for the vibrant bisexual community. 🎉

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful mission: to provide unwavering support, share valuable information, and foster connections among our incredible bi friends. 🌐❤️

Based right outside the buzzing heart of Washington DC, in beautiful Maryland, we've been bringing the bisexual community together for some unforgettable moments. 🏳️‍🌈🏡

💬 Chat Your Heart Out! 💬

Have you explored our chat feature yet? It's your ticket to connect with amazing people, make new friends, and have a blast along the way. Go ahead, give it a whirl, and let the conversations flow! 🗨️👋

🎉 Where the Magic Happens! 🎉

Hold onto your hats because we're all about fabulous parties! 🥳✨

You're cordially invited to join us at the hottest gatherings in the Washington DC area. From thrilling venues to cozy private homes, we've got your party itinerary sorted.

🏡 Secret Diversions: Our Sensational Sanctuary 🏡

Ever heard of Secret Diversions? It's your playground for exploration, located in the heart of Waldorf, MD. Think glory holes, BDSM equipment, playrooms, and so much more! Dive into the details in our Venues section—it's a game-changer. 🍭🔥

🎉 Let's Get This Party Started! 🎉

Mark your calendars, friends! We're dishing out two epic parties a month, and you're the guest of honor. Our Bi-weekly soirées on the first Saturday are a cornucopia of delights, where all are welcome to explore their passions and desires freely.

And if you're craving more mid-week excitement, don't miss our Tuesday rendezvous (usually the 3rd Tuesday, but we like to keep things flexible). It's a playground for those who appreciate the art of pleasure and have an open heart. ❤️🤫

Stay in the Loop! 🔄

For all the juicy details, event updates, and party info, check out our Events page. Your next unforgettable experience is just a click away!

We're beyond excited to have you as part of our [Your Site Name] family. Let's embrace our uniqueness, celebrate love, and create unforgettable memories together. 🌟💖

See you at the next party! 🥂🕺💃

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