The Bi-Sexual Life
The Bi-Sexual Life



 This just in. PLease read!!!
Bi-weekly parties will no longer be associated with Villa Kumar and I highly discourage anyone from using that venue. The owner is not a person I will associate with and is not the caliber of person I want to do business with. I will write a article and give it a page to fully explain. Although the house is indeed nice. The owner is a rookie who knows nothing of your industry, other than he has attended parties. His operation is sketchy at best and his plans border on illegal and smell of prostitution. He has already made serious mistakes, I feel this is a disaster waiting to happen and I don't want to hang around for the train wreck. He just doesn't know what he's doing, his business ethics suck to non existent. So rather than wait for it to get worse. I am bailing now while I still can. I've been around for a long time folks....stay away from this place. The owner has made this kind of statement openly.. I am in this for the sex. If I can't get laid doing this...somethings wrong. This is not the kind of person to be in this industry. 
Now on with the regular portion of our news letter 
Hi and welcome, I am John your host . Otherwise known as the Rev. Dr. Feelgood.
 I have been bisexual my whole life. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. Yet I have experienced first hand the stigma of being bi and how bi men especially are treated when it comes to "straight" swing parties or other lifestyle events. Sure women are accepted but for some reason guys get looked down upon. I have been in as a couple and as a single. Single bi guys definitely get a bad deal. So I have put this social group together to give the bisexual community a safe place to meet, play,  socialize and just be ourselves with no judgement. Besides, if you are "Bi-curious" just where can you go to explore your curiosity?  And having been bi in a couple I personally know how hard it can be to find a good fun 3rd to join you. One that is reliable and actually bi and has some experience. That's what I want to offer couples. A fun place to meet fun people to play with. That can make a relationship so much fun. 
 Women are bi too and they also need a place to be at ease and know they can meet a good fun playmate without hassles and be totally open and uninhibited. There are so few places to be at ease. So Bi-weekly parties was created to help you connect with fun open minded and like minded people and give you a safe, clean, spacious play space hopefully close by to use when you want to get out and play.
                      About Our Group and Parties
  First of all we are a social group initially based in the Washington DC area. We gather socially at various locations and times to give the Bisexual, Transexual and Hypersexual communities a venue and means to meet other like minded people.
   I host parties all around at various homes and venues so no one should have to travel too far to play. I have been hosting lifestyle parties and events since 1999 and in particular these Bi-weekly parties since 2012. So far our parties have been in Rockville, Brookeville, Springfield, Waldorf, Laplata, Fredericksburg, Silver Spring, Hagerstown, Wash. DC and now in Hyattsville  our newest spot. On average we do 2 or 3 a month and have done as many as 6.
 My parties cater to the bisexual, transexual and hypersexual communities as well as all LGBTQ persons. All are welcome. The only segment we don't actively invite are single "straight" men. We ask that they please be in a M/F couple and be accepting to us. Basically for a single straight male the party is BYOG - "Bring your own girl" If you would be offended by another man approaching you, please avoid my parties. Remember "no, means no", for men as well as women.
  Our parties are very friendly and open.  They are on premise, open play, clothing optional parties. Dress is either within a theme, casually nice , sexy and tempting or nothing at all it's up to you. We do have a dress code. No sweatpants, no sports attire, no work clothes, plain Tee's, hoodies, hats or colors We have themes and special events and demonstrations of various fetishes at the parties. It could be fire, wax, ropes, needles, knives, pegging if you like it we would probably try it. Each location is different and offers different amenities but all are very open and very playful.
 At all of our parties NO always means NO! We strictly go by the consent rule for everyone. We are also a Bisexual group and as far as pricing for parties we do treat our male and female guests equally and do use a one price program. However, this year we are lightening up a bit to get a better ratio of men to women. You won't hear the men complain if there is a sausage fest developing but the women don't necessarily like it ( ok we all know some love it), and couples worry about that too. So this year we are offering specials for the ladies and couples..All ladies can  bring a female guest free and we are offering a party package for our loyal guest who come often. Buy 4 passes and get one free. And the first 10 ladies to sign on to a party and first 10 couples will get an added incentive to join us. How you use these passes is up to you. We will monitor now and limit the number of single men who might attend a party. Or we may do as we did in Springfield and assign a room or area for the ladies only to play.  We want to make our parties the best experience you can have.
 Look over our pages here on, check us out, see our parties and locations and other information we offer.  Check out the calendar for upcoming events, see our venues.
 We will use eventbrite to promote our parties and sell passes. There will be a page to "pay for parties"  use this and a letter with address and info will automatically be sent to you. 
 At our parties we do ask our guests to please pay in advance, we do not want someone's private home to be known to carry cash so we do advance pay. If you MUST pay at the door it would be cash only, exact change and there will be an extra charge. You must also let us know and make arrangements.
 We will ask that you please keep a copy of your receipts for entrance at the door.
 Our doors at all parties will close at 11pm unless otherwise noted so please plan to arrive before then. If you know you will be late. again you will need to let us know and make arrangements. If you are a no-show at a party there are no refunds.
What's NEW and UP and Coming!
Parties in May and June:
 May 15th  BI-weekly Hosts the SEXPO at  The All In Playhouse in Hagerstown:
June 19th at All In Playground Hagerstown:
Sexpo ..We host the LGBTQ party
 Something NEW!! A CHAT BOX!
 You will see our new "chat" box usually in the lower right corner...This is new to our site do feel free to use it and explore. I am still learning it  so let's put it to use.
 Thanks for joining us I hope you enjoy our website and I hope we see you at a party soon.
We use as our home base site and also Swing Lifestyle (SLS). We have groups on both. Bi-weekly parties of Md, DC and Va  on Fet and on SLS it's Bi-weekly Parties.