Current Updates as of 9-28-2020

October we will host 3 parties 

and one is our biggest party of the year:



Here is our line up:

2 at Suburban Oasis FRIDAY Oct 23 and 30th 

1 at All In Playhouse Saturday Oct. 17th

Well Summer came and went and other than knowing it was hot out with a LOT of rain. If I didn't cut my grass and get some well needed yard work done, I would have never known it was summer. It was here and gone fast to me. I hope you guys got to enjoy it. I thought it rather sucked.
So this is why we host parties, to give people that are fed up with being locked in to get a chance to get out and be around like minded people. Things are indeed lightening up and people are moving around more and getting out. Our last few parties have definitely seen an increase in numbers and people are certainly paying hard.
We saw one of our best groups at the All in Playhouse in Hagerstown and Va. certainly picked up too last month. So it's nice to see people get out to relax and have some fun.
 October will see 3 parties. 2 In Springfield at the Suburban Oasis, we will be there the 23rd and 30th just to spread things out. Carl is busy on the 9th and we have Hagerstown on the 17th and I don't want to do back to back parties so we'll just move 'em back a bit. We are usually the 2nd and 4th Friday in Springfield, this month will be the 17th in Hagerstown, 23rd and 30th at Springfield 
Links for Tickets:
Suburban Oasis the 23rd and 30th: ** **
Sexpo on Oct 17th at All In Playhouse , Hagerstown : ** **
So we'll do 3 weeks in a row but I like that better than a party Friday and Saturday back to back.
So on the 17th we will be hosting the popular SEXPO at the All in Playhouse in Hagerstown. People are still raving about this place as the nicest place yet we've had to party at. This is worth the drive out and makes a very nice get away.
So mark your calendars and psych yourself up for a great and sexy time at either location. We look forward to seeing you all soon.
Links will be coming soon and the web page will be updated v soon.

OUR Special deal until the end of the year...Anyone who brings a female guest..your guest will be free. so couples bring your friendly unicorn, she'll be free. Guys or gals, bring a female friend and she'll be free.
Ladies these parties are also for you to be free to be yourself, be bi and or playful and no one judges. We even have a bedroom upstairs reserved specifically for a place for the ladies to play...No guys allowed..try it out.

 A couple is still a couple and a single still a single..Just bring a female guest and she'll be free...basically..ladies will be 2 for one. 

AND... this is just in time for our biggest event of the year HALLOWEEN..we do this on the 30th. PLease wear a costume and the theme is "Nothing But sexy"
The links are listed above ..Plan ahead and let's make this a great party, ladies, come and enjoy. If you come, you'll cum

Note...this is NOT an invitation in any way for self righteous individuals to bestow upon us their personal feelings on whether adults should make up their own minds as to when and where they get out of their houses. If you don't like it fine..keep your opinion to yourself. If you don't feel safe to go out yet, fine. Stay home. If not and you want to get out we are here for you.

 Here is our usual stuff:


Hello bi lovers of the world!~

                               MARCH NEWSLETTER FOR BI-WEEKLY PARTIES 

                                          Here is what’s Happening

First. Get your blindfolds ready as we host our first Blackout party at the Suburban Oasis. We can’t make it pitch black so bring your blindfolds and feel your away around to making new friends and acquaintances  IT’S THIS FRIDAY SO GET READY! Bring friends, we party form 8 pm to 2 am



We have a credit card service up and running for this party  go see article below…




and, CONGRATULATIONS we crowned our Sexiest Valentine Alive. 


Hello Everyone and hold on to your hats as we                 have a new adventure for you.


                                                             It's called

                                                      ALL IN PLAYHOUSE


A couple of weeks ago my co-host John and I had the pleasure to make a little road trip up to Hagerstown to visit a new facility we had come across called the All In Playhouse. The owners  N'sabar and Judy along with Pam and Mar were gracious and professional and soon showed us their level of involvement in providing guests with a first-class, erotic lifestyle experience. This late 1800's home is tastefully decorated in first-class style and amenities you won't see in any other venue around. Nothing I have seen recently even compares.

I have been involved in the "swinger scene" since the opening of the very first swingers club in the DC area back in 1977. Since then I have either worked in or for or been too every lifestyle venue at some time or another. So, when I say this place is first class and done up right trust is.

The Tree House in Annapolis was impressive to many so I guarantee if you liked the Treehouse the All In PLayhouse will blow you away.

It starts with the epoxy covered floors to the color selection to the design and use appropriate furniture throughout. It is spacious with over 3000 sf and 4 floors.

The main areas feature a room great for holding special our Oral sex survey a hypnosis show, fire demos, etc. ...and the latest in pleasure devices like the new Motobunny. Then a room with a 2-way mirror and large play space.

There is play space throughout and on the lowest floor, there is a dungeon that FEELS like a dungeon with rock walls and narrow walkway that leads to a large very well stocked dungeon bed and area with all you will ever need to enjoy your dungeon experience. In as much as they have a table down there that is a virtual smorgasbord of titillating and stimulating devices. Something for everyone I am sure.

The All In Playhouse is modernized to the max. Including a Hitachi Magic Wand 2.0. If you like your current wand, this will blow you away. You gotta experience it to appreciate it. The house is wired throughout with modern amenities from electric toilets with bidets to a supersonic shower that has to be seen to get the full scope of. The upper floor is the offices with a full modern media room. Where they do their own podcasts and broadcast.

You will start seeing ads all over for this place and I am pleased to say we have made a deal with the owners to sponsor their LGBTQ night on the 3rd Saturday of every month starting March 21st. This is a real opportunity for us to grow our group and help support a first-class operation too. I know Hagerstown is clearly down the road from the DC area BUT, it's not a hard drive and once you see this place you will clearly see why I am so excited about it and want to see this place thrive..

The good parts of holding parties here are, it has a fully stocked bar, we won't ask to bring a snack or plate to share and there is parking for oh, say...300 plus cars right at his back door. No one will get stuck in.

There are very few legitimate locations this well equipped anywhere close to the DC area. To show you, we will direct you to their Fetlife page and their will see...but a visit is the best way to appreciate all this wonderful place has to offer. So get your calendars out and put March 21st on it for our first party at this fantastic location.

You all know my intent and goal is to host parties all around the DC area so no one has to drive too far to find a safe, fun place to play. So, for me to venture out so far, then be impressed enough to jump at an opportunity to host a party here should give you all some insight as to the impressiveness of this new venue. Do yourself a favor, make this trip out, support us, but most importantly treat yourself to a wonderful experience. You will not be disappointed.

ALL-IN-PLAYHOUSE Fet link ** **

So check out their info and website and join us as we start a whole new Bi-weekly adventure...We highly encourage all of you to please, do yourself a favor and make the drive out one time, you will NOT regret it. I am positive you'll come back for sure. There simply is no place this nice anywhere around.

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the owners and why I was so attracted to this venue. A lot of my attraction to this place was the attitude and lifestyle practices of these wonderful people. I am referring to N’Sabar and Judy and Pam and Mar. These guys have the best attitude on life. We do think alike and seem to have the same goals when it comes to the lifestyle and entertaining people.

Here is what they wrote to sum up their particular philosophy as to their Playhouse.

Their goal is to host free-spirited, open-minded and sex-positive (sexpo) parties. We replace outdated judgmental, cliquish with fresh, open-minded inclusion for all people regardless of their play style, kink, fetish, ethnicity, body type or sexual orientation.

For open-minded people being around other like-minded people with diverse interests, including but not limited to LGBTQ, kink, sex/swing and other fetishes. It is the belief of the ALL IN PLAYHOUSE that bringing together multiple aspects of the community acts to amplify the sexual atmosphere and enhance the overall party experience. Especially for those exploring and evolving.

Be a voyeur or a participant, stay in your lane or try something new. Just have a great “fucking” time.

This attitude resonates with me big time. Most of you know that I started my parties because the bi community ..particularly the males…has been looked down upon and actually discouraged at a “regular” swing type club. I have been involved from the beginning and I either ignored my bi side or hid it at a “straight” swing club..Oh , always ok for girls but guys being bi was a no no. So I started my parties to give us our own party where no one judges and we can be ourselves. Ahh, but these guys at All In Playhouse are pushing past this all equal, everybody is ok atmosphere that basically says..If I can put it succinctly…Everyone is welcome here, if you see something YOU don’t like. Just walk away and use another area…(Or you can stick around, observe, learn it, try it and start enjoying it yourself)…ok I threw that last line in …but come on..try some new things, you may like ‘em. Ever see the statement…”Bi-curious”? Well gee, where can you ever go to “practice” on your bi-ness. Suffice to say, all are welcomed and encouraged here.


See More


We still have a party FRIDAY Feb 28th from 8 pm to 2 amat Suburban Oasis. It's BLINDFOLD BLACKOUT night

Try this. Our new credit card process…this is the link. If you want to go try and use this…if you don’t want to use a credit card and use Paypal, that is till on the website


Let me know what you think. The events listed below will be listed soon.

 The other parties still being put into the system


 Feb, 28th ..Friday at Suburban Oasis…a blindfolded play date..Bring a blindfold or we’ll have some. The main area will be designated as a “Blind Spot” come feel your way to a good time.

March13th Friday at Suburban Oasis 8pm to 2am, Springfield, Va The Rev Dr. FeelGood will be on hand to Hypnotize anyone who wants to explore this  fetish  or just try it for pure enjoyment. It's always sexy fun.   The credit card link..use this...

March 18th  Wednesday DAY party at S.O.  from noon to 4pm, Springfield, Va..Use this Credit card link 

March 21st Saturday our PREMIER party at All Inn Playhouse 9pm to 3am, Hagerstown, Md 

Themes to come...

If you have an idea for a fun party thmes pass it along we'll give it a try 

March 27th Friday at S.O. 8pm to 2am …

April 10th Friday at S.O. from 8pm to 2am…

April 15th Wednesday DAY party at S.O. noon to 4pm…

April 18th Saturday at All In Playhouse 9pm to 3am…

April 24th Friday at S.O. 8pm to 2am…

And many more to come and possibly new locations



Learn More



And now some other things


 Like... the day parties


Join us for our next daytime party 3-18-20 from noon to 4pm. We really need your support for our day party. You asked for it, we arranged it because I want to give you what you want. Now I just ask for your support. Help us out and join us. So far without question, the people that do come out during the day do indeed want to play. So in an effort to always help rpomote people playing,  I am thinking of moving the day party to maybe Tuesday from 12 noon to 6pm. This will allow us more time to get together. And if we get support and you need it, later into the night.

 We are open to options for something for people to do mid week.  What are your thoughts on a Tuesday and longer hours?  Or make another suggestion, now is the time. Speak up. Ladies, you are bi too, these parties are for our bi girls too. Now we’ve given you a room just for you. In my initial survey a good number of women showed support. I hope we see more of it as the ladies that do come, do cum.


          LADIES ONLY !!!! LADIES ONLY !!!! LADIES                  ONLY!!!!


This is for the ladies. Now at the Suburban Oasis, we have designated the upstairs bedroom to be a LADIES ONLY ROOM. This will be set aside so the woman have their own area to get away from men.

 Women are bi too so my parties are absolutely for them too. They need their bi time for sure. So, in an effort to make this easier for them where they won’t have guys lurking around if they want to do some one on one with the girls…They can take it upstairs to get away. The rules will be the room is for ladies only. If ALL the ladies agree that their husbands or a friend can join or watch in the room. ALL the ladies must agree. If not men, you may watch at the door. Single men stay down stairs.

 I hear ya ladies and I listen, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. So, feel free to take advantage of this space and use it to your heart’s content.  Men, my suggestion, don’t even go up the steps. Enjoy the rest of the play areas.





 Congratulations to CHRISSIE (James) who won our

SEXIEST VALENTINE ALLIVE  contest . She earned enough valentines to “blow” away the competition. She was a very busy girl and actually earned extra valentines for riding the Sybian Machine.

 She was relentless in her quest to be crowned Sexiest Valentine and she certainty deserved it.

 Way to go Chrissie. She now holds bragging rights until next year

Now our regular info.

We are a Bi Sexual Swingers and Kinksters Social Group that provides a safe, sane and fully accepting space for members of our community to meet, play and be themselves. 


We welcome all members of our like-minded community and those who are curious to explore The Bi-Sexual Life.  WE ask that our single male friends please be Bi-sexual. We ask straight males not accompanying a female to please attend other standard swinger events as this is for the bi community. A straight male may attend as part of a couple. We are open to all races, deviations, preferences, shapes, sizes and fetishes. CDs, TVs and all trans persons are certainly welcome. If you have been looking for a place to truly be yourself....  You have found a home. Here you can do everything you want and nothing you don't want. No always means NO. Explore your boundaries, try new erotic experiences meet new people.


Is this your first time?  Are you bi-curious?  We welcome new members and the curious to all our events.  As this is the place to explore guilt free. Come, look, listen and explore in a safe, sane and no means no environment. A place where you can be you.


We host events every month in Virginia, Maryland and DC.  Please go to the Calendar Page to see when our next event will take place.   



Please join our groups on (Bi-weekly parties of MD, DC and Va. ), SLS - Swing Life Style - (Bi-weekly parties)
Our Group on Fetlife is: Bi-weekly parties of Md, DC and Va.
Please join our group on  Swing Lifestyle (  The group name is: Biweekly Parties
And of course please do sign up here on our WEB SITE to keep posted on upcoming events. 
All parties are clothing optional, on-premise and open play with various fun options like gloryholes, Darkrooms, Sybian Machine, Sex Swing, Jacuzzi, toys, some BDSM equipment and lots of open play.
Please keep in mind all events require an RSVP with your name and any guest you may have. Use to RSVP.
 We ask our guests to Pre-pay for events as we use people's private homes at times and we do not want them known to be carrying cash for safety reasons. When you prepay you get a payment notice From Certified DJs and Entertainment and we get your paid notice. That's when we send you the address to that particular party. If you are worried about a job, someone may find out etc...PLEASE USE A PREPAID CREDIT CARD it's that easy. Anonymous and confidential with no paper trail. So easy a bi caveman could do it. There no longer is any excuse for anyone to not prepay.
 HOWEVER, if an arrangement is needed to pay at the door it must be approved by the host (John) and you will pay a $20 higher price. Exact change is required also. You may be put on a "wait" list and be sent the address sometime the day of the party. If you have previously been to a party please do not just show up and try to pay at the door. You would need to contact me or our admin 1st.
Our parties are BYOB and at our house parties, to keep prices very reasonable. We ask our guest to pitch in and bring a plate, snack, munchies, drinks (soda) or ice for all to share. This practice has been working great and the variety of food is always good and plenty enough, no one goes hungry. I love the imagination of some of our guest. From steamed shrimp, fried chicken, meatballs, long subs, nuggets, hot dogs and hamburgers. Your drinks vary too from wine, booze, beer, and fruity sodas and drinks like lemonade, apple juice, pineapple or grape, it's always fun and gracious of you. Keep it up.

   Our party and locator service is designed to help anyone who would like to HOST a party and of course for those who want to go to a party.


 If you have a nice home or location and feel that hosting a party is something you would like to do. We are always looking for alternative venues to host parties at so life doesn't get monotinous. Also since we have members of our group litterally in all four corners of the "DC area" , a change in venue is usually good and sometimes we can host a party in areas that may be closer to some of our guest that don't do the travel to DC and therefore reach more people.

   Find various themed parties, celebrations and gatherings at private residences throughout the metropolitan area and make new friends and mingle with old ones. Explore surrounding regions and sample the foods, arts, recreations and culture they have to offer. The same fees and rules apply for our locator and vetting services as to our commercially sponsored parties unless otherwise indicated. Additional "House" rules, requirements and requests may apply. There will be a co-host/MC  at these events who is affiliated with Bi-weekly parties of Md, DC and Va so host can enjoy their party too.

General "House" rules frequently encountered:
Sign a liability waiver or consent acknowledgement

Comply with generally posted request or caution concerning trash, restrooms, noise, parking, smoking (anything) and of course capacity restrictions.

Vetting through Bi-weekly parties is easy as we have a guest list and members who are active in the lifestyle and know the general ins and outs , ups and downs and respect to attend a lifestyle party. They have already attended our parties and are a member of one of the adult sites we use to promote our parties on. We can help you with your parties as co-host so YOU can actually enjoy your own party. Until you have tried to host a party on your own will you realize you get so busy you personally don't have time to play and enjoy yourself. yourself. 

Contact John at INFO@THEBISEXUALLIFE.COM for more info and any qustions. 

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