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Free Download Pc Games Final Fantasy Ix 11 ((NEW))

Players journey between field screen locations on the world map, a three-dimensional representation of Final Fantasy IX's world presented from a top-down perspective.[1] Players can freely navigate around the world map unless restricted by obstacles such as bodies of water or mountain ranges. To traverse these impediments, players can ride chocobos, sail on a boat, or pilot airships. Like previous Final Fantasy games, players enter battles caused by random encounters with enemies while traveling across the world map or hostile field screens.[1][4] Final Fantasy IX offers a new approach to town exploration with Active Time Events (ATE). These allow the player to view events unfolding at different locations, providing character development, unique items, and prompts for story-altering decisions. ATEs are occasionally used to simultaneously control two teams when the party divides to solve puzzles and navigate mazes.[1]

free download pc games final fantasy ix 11


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Final Fantasy IX is the ninth main installment in the Final Fantasy series, developed and published by Squaresoft. It was released in July 2000 for the PlayStation, later re-released in 2016 for iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows via Steam; re-released in 2017 for PlayStation 4; and repackaged in 2019 for Windows 10, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It was directed by Hiroyuki Ito and co-produced by Hironobu Sakaguchi and Shinji Hashimoto, with Nobuo Uematsu providing the musical score. The title is a return to the series's roots, with gameplay features and references to the past games featuring throughout, as well as a medieval fantasy setting and cartoonish art style as a break from the sci-fi slant style of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII.

I was an avid fan of the FF series from the day the first installment available to those of us in the United States landed... VI was the last in the series I could truly dedicate time to... by chance, laid up after surgery while overseas in the Corps I was able to enjoy FFVII thanks to a friend... By the time Final Fantasy IX was released, life had already overrun my perimeter and was running roughshod directly over my very soul. I barely got into VIII before it was swept away by a lack of free time... long after IX came out, I finally found time to play through it... but there's something lost in adulthood that can never be reclaimed, and though I made it through the entirety of the game it just did not resonate with me like I am sure it would have had I chance to be injected into the timestream at a different point. The one part that always stuck out to me was Freya and Burmecia... the score captured this so perfectly, and was the one artifact that I carried with me from my experience with the story.

The absolute best Final Fantasy game if you ask me. Wanted this on a Nintendo platform for many years and I downloaded this immediately when it became available. Been enjoying it a lot and I don't regret buying it for even a second. I'm really happy it finally came home to Nintendo.

And do you know why I didn't notice this was an issue? Because like most games of the era; THE MUSIC LOOPS REPEATEDLY ANYWAYS. If you download the soundtrack you'll notice most of the tracks are only the same few sequences repeated over and over. And I say that as someone who loves the music in this game.

@OorWullie The FF series from psx aged quite a bit. If you did not grew up while the final fantasy VII was still fresh and hot it can be hard for you to love those squarish characters and old graphics. Thes story , music and gameplay are amazing. Try it for yourself, geta a demo, pc or console copy and if you will like it buy it!

I am surprised by how little remastering has actually been done given the price. PS1 games, including Final Fantasy games, have been available to download very cheaply on Sony consoles for years, so I assumed that at the highly inflated price it had received some serious polish. Doesn't sound like it has. I will check it out when it's on sale.

This was probably my 3rd favorite FF behind 4 and 6 from the first 9 games. I haven't played it in forever, and already bought it. Once I finish up DQ11 on my PS4 i'll be thinking about starting in on this to finally play through it again. However i'm psyched for the replay. Now can we see a Xenogears remaster next!

I had played the beginning of this years ago and had wanted to play again for years, and after truly starting to focus on my backlog I finally got a chance to play it through about two years back on my Vita. Now, I still have yet to play through several FF games but this one is currently my favorite as far as the mainline non-MMOs go. Once my backlog is down a bit more at least I will gladly pick this up for the Switch.

@garfreek I'm not sure, it's been so long since I played. The music, the gambit system (once you figure it out, it's great), and the challenge compared to some previous games was just so good to me. Maybe I'm looking at it with rose tinted glasses, but it blew me away and I was crazy addicted to it.

The Final Fantasy IX remake requires iOS 7.0 or Android 4.1 at minimum, and beware: Square Enix warned that the app is "very large," and will take some time to download. It takes up around 4GB of memory, and more than 8GB of free space is required to download it, so you better start deleting some photos and apps from your phone right away.

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