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PSMenu: Portable Start Menu For Windows 10 8 7

With the combination of the ability to easily create a portable application out of any software and reasonably large size USB flash drives that are getting more affordable, this allows us to store more files such as documents and even applications to the disk. Nowadays a computer technician is only required to bring along their USB flash drive containing their collection of tools such as antivirus rescue disks to repair a computer unlike many years ago when they had to carry a CD wallet.As time goes by, the accumulated programs on a USB Flash drive can be by the thousands and it may not be that easy to locate and launch the intended program not to mention keeping them up to date. Searching for the program is a waste of time. Alternatively you can store the programs in different folders according to their categories but a more efficient way is to just use a portable application menu software which is designed to manage and to launch portable applications from USB flash drives.

PSMenu: Portable Start Menu for Windows 10 8 7

There are easily around 20-30 such application launching programs if you include the start menu replacement software with most of them offering nearly the same features with different eye candy effects. So in this article we will only list the application launchers that have the additional built-in functionality to automatically download and update portable apps on a USB flash drive.

LiberKey is similar to Platform where they have a huge list of nearly 300 ready made portable applications that can be easily downloaded and installed to your USB flash drive. The LiberKey feels a bit slow probably due to the excessive use of animation effects on menu, dialog and interface which fortunately can be disabled from the configuration.

Terima kasih kepada Menu Mulai Portabel yang saya miliki, sebagian besar alat dan aplikasi penting saya selalu dilirik. Start Menu Portable, seperti namanya menjelaskan adalah freeware portabel yang membantu Anda meluncurkan aplikasi dengan cepat dari System Tray PC Windows Anda. Ini menciptakan menu start baru di komputer Anda, yang selanjutnya memberi Anda akses cepat ke program yang sering digunakan, aplikasi, game, dll. Yang diinstal pada PC atau perangkat USB Anda. Anda juga dapat membagi program favorit Anda dalam berbagai kategori untuk mendapatkan akses yang lebih cepat.

Menjadi benar-benar portabel, freeware dapat disalin pada drive USB dan diluncurkan pada PC manapun secara langsung tanpa instalasi sebelumnya. Anda dapat menginstalnya secara lokal di hard disk Anda dan mendapatkan menu start tambahan pada PC Anda atau dapat juga menginstalnya di USB stick Anda untuk meluncurkan aplikasi portabel dengan mudah di berbagai sistem komputer Anda.

Portable Start Menu adalah unduhan gratis untuk sistem Windows saja. Secara keseluruhan, freeware ini dengan cepat membangun menu start portabel Anda sendiri yang dapat diakses langsung dari baki sistem PC Anda. Anda dapat mengunduh PSMenu sini dan mengatur program Anda dalam sistem menu sederhana dan meluncurkannya melalui ikon baki. Cobalah dan bagikan pengalaman Anda. 350c69d7ab


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