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Hospital Tycoon Download VERIFIED PC Game

Hospital Tycoon is a simulation game that puts you in charge of building and running your own hospital. You have to diagnose and cure your patients while also keeping on top of your doctors and nurses and making sure they're doing their work! Hospital Tycoon is a lighthearted simulation game that revels in the drama of hospital life. Fans of simulation games will find plenty to keep themselves amused. Campaign and sandbox modes provide even more replayability for hardcore fans.

Hospital tycoon Download PC Game

Assist in making your patients feel better and giving them their freedom back. Curing more people means more money for you. Remember that in idle tycoon games, your primary motivation is not altruism but rather greed.

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Aside from attending to the needs of your patients in Idle Mental Hospital, you must manage your staff. Furthermore, you must ensure that they are doing their respective job effectively. Aside from your doctors and nurses, you can even add more professionals like cooks, orderlies, and cleaners to maintain your idle hospital. Take note that in this game, you must ensure that your patients are always calm. So try your best to avoid having a mass riot.

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As usual in tycoon games, you start small: a few wards and some patients. Your task is to create all the conditions for recovery like in a hospital simulator: take care of your patients and feed them, provide them with clean clothes and a shower, make sure they get enough sleep. Doing all this will not be difficult, because this is an idle games with simple controls. Help to heal and release your patients. The more patients you cure, the more money you get. Don't forget that in idle tycoon games, your main goal is not only to help, but also to get rich.

Patients will come over and over again, so you need to quickly build hospital and expand it. Add new wards and rooms to accommodate more patients and earn money. Open locations for the construction of new hospitals - in the forest, on an island, in the mountains, or even at an orbital station. Grow your business like in tycoon games and help people like in hospital games at the same time. Become the richest manager in this idle hospital simulator!

The game lets the player manage a hospital from a god view. Each different hospital is staffed by medical teams and is packed with ill patients. The player needs to manage the staff, ensure patients are cared for and have the correct treatment facilities. As time progresses, new equipment will need to be built in order to cope with incoming patients. The game can also be played in a sandbox mode.[1]

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Two Point Hospital is one of the best simulation games on the market, but there are so many other games like it that are worth a try. If you are sick of the hospital environment or want to enter a different simulation realm, then there is a game out there for you, to say the least. While curing various strange diseases can be fun for a while, the chances are that you will eventually want something more that it can't give you.

Swap a hospital for a video game development studio and diseases for video games, and you have Mad Games Tycoon 2. This game plays out somewhat similarly to Two Point Hospital - you have to build rooms, decorate them, hire staff, and set them tasks.

Fans of Two Point Hospital who might value a more in-depth medical experience may wish to try Project Hospital. This game is firmly at the 'serious' end of the serious-to-silly scale and features real medical problems, a realistic take on building a hospital, and a greater difficulty curve.

If you wanted to jump from running a hospital to cooking a variety of foods in the kitchen then you should download Cooking Simulator on your preferred device. You will create the ultimate kitchen set up and become the greatest chef of all time as you craft over 80 recipes to serve to your customers.

While the management aspect of the game is quite simple, the joys of this game come from building beautiful experiences for guests and also from learning about all the different types of marine life that players can purchase. It also has a thriving modding community filled to the brim with more sea-life to download.

Manage a hospital like a tycoon: hire cooks, cleaners, orderlies and doctors.Keep an eye on the level of calm of patients and do not allow the occurrence of mass riot, otherwise your orderlies will have to chase after patients to prevent them from escaping!

The world is bewildered by the outbreak of the virus. All facilities in the city have become ruins, and now, zombies have raged everywhere. It makes a series of people change and become infected with dangerous diseases. When participating in Zombie Hospital, you have to come up with a strategy, not to fight, but to find a way to cure a series of people infected with the virus. Find a cure for zombies to turn them back into humans. Are you ready for the management and cure of all people in this world? Become the hospital idle tycoon and start your job right now.

Players must make sure that every area, every corner of your hospital, is always clean. It makes the mood of patients and staff always comfortable and contributes to transforming the disease in a positive direction. You should pay attention to one thing right from the start of the game. You should think carefully about the steps and make the hospital as comfortable as at home by buying a variety of home appliances like TVs, sofas, and even guitars to play next to the fireplace. Once there, your patient will be happy and stand up from the monster inside.

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Tycoon games are a genre of video game that puts the player in charge of a business, giving them the responsibility for making it a success. A tycoon game is also known as an economic simulation game or a specific business simulation game. The objective of the tycoon game is to become super rich and powerful by developing and managing businesses. There are so many types of free tycoon games both online and offline available, such as Rollercoaster Tycoon, Game Dev Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, Fish Tycoon, and Raccoon Tycoon!

Other popular and some of the best free tycoon games include Rail Nation, Ancient Rome, and BoomTown! Deluxe, Rush for Gold: California, Green City, Next Stop, Mad Games Tycoon, Theme Hospital, Idle Miner, GoVenture: Micro Business, Rush for Gold: Alaska, My Downtown, Pocket City, and Silver Screen Story!

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The heart of the game are three series with four levels each. The first series is the tutorial of the game but it already tells a soap-like story where nurses fall victim to handsome doctors and so on. Since every staff member is a different character with different attributes in the several stats like reliability or sociability you can control the outcome to a certain degree. But these attributes are also important because they influence the productivity of the staff member. A doctor who has already worked two shifts might not recognize a simple headache anymore for example. Over time they also gain experience at what they do automatically and can make faster the right diagnose for example which is essential for the survival of your patients because they lose constantly health while being in your hospital until you cure them. 041b061a72


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