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Charles Bennett
Charles Bennett

Butterfly Snow Globes Buy

Glitter Butterfly snowglobe-style photo holders with butterflies are clear acrylic 3D photo frames filled with liquid and coloured metal butterflies which swirl around and settle slowly when the butterfly is shaken. Insert your own photo, and shake for an attention-grabbing flutter-fest.

butterfly snow globes buy

Lighted water lantern featuring a white rabbit with a blue butterfly on the nose while holding a bouquet of pink flowers. Surrounded with swirling glitter and a warm LED shining down on the figurines. A must have addition to your Spring collection,.

Shipping is only $8.75 per order no matter how many globes you order at once. Flat Rate (standard) shipping from our central location in Kansas City takes 1 to 4 business days after we ship. Expedited options are available during checkout.

It doesn't snow in Key West, but you can make it with these Key West Butterfly Conservatory Snow Globes! The small are 45MM and have snow, the medium are 65MM (the butterfly has snow, but the flamingos have glitter!) and the butterfly music box snow globe is 100MM and has glitter! The large flamingo does not have our name on it like the rest of the options.

This puzzle has a difficulty rating of two. My husband I have gotten pretty good at putting puzzles together and this was our fourth Wongo puzzle. We have put together the turtle, salamander, snow globe and butterfly. We worked on the butterfly puzzle off and on for an afternoon and finished it within a few hours of when we started. 041b061a72


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