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Charles Bennett
Charles Bennett

Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay [Neapolitan ...

When Lila disappears at the start of My Brilliant Friend, Elena isn't entirely surprised. She notes early on, "It's been at least three decades since she told me that she wanted to disappear without leaving a trace, and I'm the only one who knows what she means." It only in the middle of the book that Elena explains what Lila has termed as "dissolving margins," when she feels that those she loves dissolve into the world around them. The feeling extends to herself at times, and while it is never diagnosed, her experience seems indicative of dissociating from her stressful and often violent surroundings.

Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay [Neapolitan ...

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Pompeii is easily reached from Naples by a sightseeing bus or the Circumvesuviana commuter (or Campania Express) train (roughly 30 minute trip on any of those). It's possible to day-trip to Pompeii from Rome, if you start early and plan on a long day. To skip the lines at the site's entrance, purchase your ticket online (for a small surcharge). Highlights: Roofless (collapsed) but otherwise intact Roman buildings, plaster casts of hapless victims, some erotic frescoes, and the dawning realization that these ancient people were not that different from us.

Today, Italy's third-largest city feels in many places like an urban jungle. Its lack of open spaces or parks makes it Europe's most densely populated city. Watching the police try to enforce traffic sanity is almost comical in this gritty city. The vast Piazza Garibaldi facing the train station provides an off-putting welcome to those arriving by train.

Italians who come to the States are not impressed by thick and fancy pizzas. Judging from the enthusiasm of those munching these hot and tasty pies, what really matters is not the quantity of ingredients, but the quality.

We know that those who willingly take the path of evil steal a piece of hope, they earn something small but they rob themselves and others, society, of hope. The path of evil is a path which always steals hope. It also steals from honest and hardworking people, and also robs the city of its good reputation, of its economy.

Naples is always ready to rise again, building upon a hope forged by many trials, and therefore a genuine and practical resource to be relied on in any moment. Its roots lie in the very soul of Neapolitans, above all in their joy, in their religiosity, in their piety! I hope you may have the courage to go forth with this joy, with this root, the courage to carry hope onward, to never rob anyone of hope, to go forth on the path of good, not on the path of evil, to go forth in welcoming all those who come to Naples from whatever country: may they all be Neapolitans, may they learn Neapolitan which is so sweet and so beautiful! I hope you will go forth in the search for opportunities of employment, so that everyone may have the dignity of bringing home bread, and of going on in cleansing their spirit, in cleaning up the city, in cleaning up society so that there may be no stink of corruption!

And thus you need magic. You need the wise man, the assistito, who will ask all the subtle questions--what time of night, what was the mood and the lighting, was the dream in black and white or in color--so that he can tell you if it was one of those dreams and, if it was, guide you to the fight answer. How does he know? The most common explanation is that he is in touch with the spirits of purgatory.

Since the dead are very much involved in luck, if you are on good terms with them, you have an excellent chance of success in everything from love to the lottery. The dead are a vital part of that chaotic network that connects past and present in Naples, and they are ubiquitous and hyperactive, as befits a place that was once a Greek necropolis. For a short period after death, it is believed, the spirit hovers close to the living world and may be able to intercede with the Divine to get favors or even miracles for those left behind. 041b061a72


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