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Charles Bennett
Charles Bennett

The Night Eats The World Napisy Polskie

One of the most outrageous and inspiring Broadway musicals. An explosive mixture of pop, soul, rock, impressive drag queens, big-city atmosphere and small-town blues. A live music show about friendship and the will to change the world.Charlie has inherited a collapsing shoe factory. His uncompromising girlfriend Nicola wants him to sell the family business and move to London with her. Lola, a fabulous drag queen with a terrific voice, has an idea how to save the company whose bankruptcy would mean that all its staff would become unemployed. Charlie and Lola have almost nothing in common, but they join forces to create sexy female shoes for men. Apparently, demand should be huge.KINKY BOOTS is staged upon agreement with Music Theatre International (MTI) which provided authorised materials for the show The copyrights for KINKY BOOTS in Poland are owned by Agencja ADiT.G. Holoubek StagePalace of Culture and Science, 1 Defilad Square, WarsawSeats from which English supertitles are visible: stalls, rows 7-15 and I balcony

The Night Eats the World napisy polskie

After the death of his father, the teenage Kostya lives in conflict with his mother. He spends his free time online, hating the world and his family. Worried about him, his Mother decides to conduct an unusual experiment. She creates a fake Facebook account in order to connect with her son in a way she cannot in reality. The virtual relationship between Toffi and Raven from Tower turns into an honest conversation between two lonely people longing for normality. But does the risky game undertaken by the mother in order to win back her son have a chance to turn into a real bond?Small StagePalace of Culture and Science, 1 Defilad Square, WarsawSeats from which English supertitles are visible: rows 6-7

Throw Katy Perry and her dancers in clothing covered in sweets, dress Snoop Dogg in a cupcake suit, make the setting a board game called Candyfornia, and you've got yourself the basis of the "California Gurls" video. As Katy Perry makes her way through the board game world, she rescues some girls from candy-related prisons and then defeats Snoop Dogg and his gummy bear army with whipped cream. And then for some reason, she is naked on a cotton candy cloud for certain parts. 041b061a72


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