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FSX Disk 1.iso

start the windows server management shell and navigate to the location of the active directory domain you want to create the profile disk for. for the purposes of this tutorial, i am assuming that this domain is called test.local. in most cases, you will use a sub-domain, however.

FSX Disk 1.iso

to create a user profile disk using windows server 2016, open the active directory administrative center, then open the user profiles pane and navigate to the system accounts node, which is located under the profile node in the tree.

in the user profile disk settings, specify a profile path for the users desktop environment. this is the location where the content will be stored, and can either be a file on the local disk, or a shared folder.

because it is not possible to create an iso image of a copy protected disk it means it is also not possible to create a bootable usb stick with an image created from the original disc. of course you can always use disk utility to create a bootable usb, but that is not the same as creating an iso image of the original disc.

if the decryption keys are in the ntldr.exe file, it is not necessary to use the entire disc; you can create a single iso file of the decrypted file and use that to create a bootable iso. this is the recommended solution for creating a bootable iso file. it is up to you to decide if the data on the decrypted disc is worth sharing with others. if it is, you will also need to make sure the data in the decrypted disc can be shared as a normal data disk.

the next step is to create the actual bootable iso. you can use disk utility to do this, or you can use rufus or imgburn to do it. the former lets you decide the partition layout for the bootable drive, the latter two let you create a bootable iso image. if you use disk utility to create the bootable drive, this will overwrite any existing partition information on the disk.


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