Our party and locator service is designed to help anyone who would like to HOST a party and of course for those who want to go to a party.


 If you have a nice home or location and feel that hosting a party is something you would like to do. We are always looking for alternative venues to host parties at so life doesn't get monotinous. Also since we have members of our group litterally in all four corners of the "DC area" , a change in venue is usually good and sometimes we can host a party in areas that may be closer to some of our guest that don't do the travel to DC and therefore reach more people.

   Find various themed parties, celebrations and gatherings at private residences throughout the metropolitan area and make new friends and mingle with old ones. Explore surrounding regions and sample the foods, arts, recreations and culture they have to offer. The same fees and rules apply for our locator and vetting services as to our commercially sponsored parties unless otherwise indicated. Additional "House" rules, requirements and requests may apply. There will be a co-host/MC  at these events who is affiliated with Bi-weekly parties of Md, DC and Va so host can enjoy their party too.

General "House" rules frequently encountered:
Sign a liability waiver or consent acknowledgement

Comply with generally posted request or caution concerning trash, restrooms, noise, parking, smoking (anything) and of course capacity restrictions.

Vetting through Bi-weekly parties is easy as we have a guest list and members who are active in the lifestyle and know the general ins and outs , ups and downs and respect to attend a lifestyle party. They have already attended our parties and are a member of one of the adult sites we use to promote our parties on. We can help you with your parties as co-host so YOU can actually enjoy your own party. Until you have tried to host a party on your own will you realize you get so busy you personally don't have time to play and enjoy yourself. yourself. 

Contact John at INFO@THEBISEXUALLIFE.COM for more info and any qustions. 

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Thisis our only Day party this month  12 noon to 4pm

 Bring a Female guest and she will be free

 Bring a snack, drinks or ice to share.

Feb 19th Day Party at Suburban Oasis noon to 4

  • All parties do have a cut off date and time. If you are buying a night pass for a 8pm start party..But your passes BEFORE 6 PM the day of the party!     If buying for a day party that strats at 10 am please but your pass BEFORE 10 AM the day of the party ! If you do not get your pass prior to those times there is NO guarantee you will get the party info / address/ directions in time.  We do not refund money for late purchases. 

     Also, if you have been to a venue before does NOT mean you can buy a pass late and just show up at the door because you know where it is. If you didn't make it on the guest list you may not get in.

     If you NO SHOW to a party after you purchase a pass and we get no notice at least 2 hours prior to start time of a party you will not get a refund. Movies, plays, shows don't refund no shows and neither shall we. All I ask is a reasonable notice 2 hours minimum prior to an event.

     If you purchase a wrong date..it happens...no worries just write me and I'll note it in my books as to the correct date . you will NOT have to return or refund and repurchase.  Just let me know.

     If a refund is neccesary and it will be from time to time...We will glady exchange the date purchased for another party ..usually of your choice. Occassionally a party exchange or refund must apply to THAT specific party / venue only...so if you know you will attend another function later, this will work for you. But if we need to refund it we will do so. 

     Exchanges are usually issued. To get a refund we would have cancelled the event, you gave us proper advance notice or a situation you discussed with us.