This social group is for all the bi people, couples with bi partners, bi guys and bi girls and the men and women who are bi friendly*. We welcome CDs, TGs, TSs and other self identified categories.. We do not howeber invite single straight males. 

WE check out venues to assure they can accommodate comfortably our group for casual get togethers in a safe environment. Then we vet the guest for the safety of the owners of the private homes we meet at.. Any fees we may require are for these services we provide as well as for the entertainment we may hire.


Finally, there is a place to party, meet and play just for us. We host BI parties that are typically CLOTHING OPTIONAL AND ON PREMISE play.   Our parties are BYOB, we or the venue will provide mixers.

 At the suburban Oasis and some of our other Venues

Typically we ask our guest to pitch in and bring a dish, drinks (soda) or ice to share.

New...those walking in empty-handed may be asked to order a pizza or other delivery item. 

   Depending on the location, there may be a GLORY HOLE, a dark room, SYBIAN machine, Sex Swing, BDSM equipment, Porn, and other special programs and events like:

(Offered only at Specific Locations)


  THE Rev Dr Feelgood's Nationally acclaimed comedy / erotic hypnosis show, ( this is believed to be the ONLY TRUE XXX rated hypnosis show in the nation). And we get this awesome show about every 6 weeks or so. It's a show you have to see to believe and every show is different 


  Strip trivia is always popular with our professional Game Show set up. Think Jeopardy with 3 electronic contestant podiums and a host stand. It's fun, entertaining and you bet your clothes against your knowledge. It's really a game where our losers are actually winners !* ? #? Cum and play with us.


  We also offer our infamous and exclusive Great Oral Sex Survey.  Could you tell if it was a man or women going down on you if you were blindfolded? Think your good at oral skills?  This is how we all find out and it's not as easy as you might think.


    And let's not forget our very own exclusive "Kinky Speed Dating". This is a great way for newbies as well as our regular guest to get the word out on yourself and let others know who you are. We have a very diverse group here and everyone is into something. So why not get it out into the open and maybe, just maybe, someone in the audience will share your kink and a connection can be made. You never know....and you never will until you let it all out in our Kinky Speed dating show.


  We do this in a talk show format where we interview you, perhaps review your lifestyle web site you may use and the guest also get to ask you questions. It's just another fun way we offer for people to get to know each other and make connections at our parties.


WE will also bring in specialty lessons and demonstrations like how to use/enjoy wax play , fire play, rope play and tying  lessons, the art of massage and much more.


 So come out and join in the fun at our next bi-weekly party.




   Our party and locator service is designed to help anyone who would like to HOST a party and of course for those who want to go to a party.


 If you have a nice home or location and feel that hosting a party is something you would like to do. We are always looking for alternative venues to host parties at so life doesn't get monotinous. Also since we have members of our group litterally in all four corners of the "DC area" , a change in venue is usually good and sometimes we can host a party in areas that may be closer to some of our guest that don't do the travel to DC and therefore reach more people.

   Find various themed parties, celebrations and gatherings at private residences throughout the metropolitan area and make new friends and mingle with old ones. Explore surrounding regions and sample the foods, arts, recreations and culture they have to offer. The same fees and rules apply for our locator and vetting services as to our commercially sponsored parties unless otherwise indicated. Additional "House" rules, requirements and requests may apply. There will be a co-host/MC  at these events who is affiliated with Bi-weekly parties of Md, DC and Va so host can enjoy their party too.

General "House" rules frequently encountered:
Sign a liability waiver or consent acknowledgement

Comply with generally posted request or caution concerning trash, restrooms, noise, parking, smoking (anything) and of course capacity restrictions.

Vetting through Bi-weekly parties is easy as we have a guest list and members who are active in the lifestyle and know the general ins and outs , ups and downs and respect to attend a lifestyle party. They have already attended our parties and are a member of one of the adult sites we use to promote our parties on. We can help you with your parties as co-host so YOU can actually enjoy your own party. Until you have tried to host a party on your own will you realize you get so busy you personally don't have time to play and enjoy yourself. yourself. 

Contact John at INFO@THEBISEXUALLIFE.COM for more info and any qustions. 

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