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    1st name John


John is currently the host of Bi Weekly Parties that are held in various locations in Washington DC, Marlyland and Virginia. He has been hosting lifestyle parties since 1999 and was involved in opening and worked at the very first "swinger's" club in the DC area. He has worked at or for almost every established swing club in the area.


Here are some AMAZING TRUE facts about John  (THE REV DR FEELGOOD) you most likely didn't know.


1. John is indeed one of the very first Mobile DJs and introduced Karaoke to the area.

1. He ran the very first ad for a DJ in the yellow pages

2. He opened the DC area's FIRST Discotech .

3. He started the Nation's first true regional DJ Assoc.

4. He opened the Nation's first independant DJ Training Facility.

5. He Founded and was Pres and CEO of the Nation's first, oldest and largest National DJ Assoc.

6. He has hosted 2 TV shows and several Radio shows.

7. He was inducted into the National DJ Hall Of Fame in Las Vegas

8. He has worked in the presence of Kings, Queens and Presidents.

9. He did personal parties in the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia's Pvt Home

10. John had a #1 Rap song

11. He last recorded on an LP / CD with a well known DC area Go-Go group in 2012

11. John has performed on at least 7 Albums

12 He has performed in two movies.

13. John is so far undefeated in over 2 years in the Great Oral Sex Survey.

14. John was 2x noted as one of America's Top 10 entertaining DJs.

15. He mooned President Nixon

16. John assisted in opening the DC area's VERY FIRST swinger's club.

17. Is A USAF Veteran

18. Is a Certified Hypnotist, professionally trained in Las Vegas

19. Went on a National Comedy tour across the USA in 2014

20. Is an expert Marksman

21. Had his National TV Debut in 2018

22. Was the voice of 2 characters in a cartoon.

23. Still owns over 50,000 vinyl records (for sale come buy them)

24. Was given the "Best Dad in the World Award" 2013 

25. Actually was a paid performer in a series of porn movies 






and has been entertaining the entire DC area since 1973.


Our DJ service is an award winning company that specializes in Weddings, Bar / Bot Mitzvahs, reunions, school dances and just any event where people need to get down to some good appropriate music and good fun times.


Our Karaoke shows are second to none with over 250,000 songs of all genres to choose from. All computerized and we offer a full selection of props and costumes that enhance any show.


ROBOTIC BOXING!  Remember "Rockem-Sockem Robots"...No?, Google it, then imagine them grown up for adults and made out of metal. This is loud and boisterous and good competitive fun for men and women. Great for sports bars and sporting events, picnics, schools and a multitude of other activities and charities.

It's non stop boxing action with a tropgy going to the champ. Best suited for ages 13 and up.


OUR FAMOUS GAME SHOW  This is a professional game show set up. Think Jeopardy with 3 electronic contestant podiums and a host booth. All forms of trivia are used, from sports, history, music and movies all with sound bits and effects. From corporate outings to school functions, charities and more. Fun for all ages.



 John is a certified Stage Hypnotist, trained in Las Vegas by Geoff Ronning a famously well known hypnotist. This is the show you have to see to believe and no two shows are ever alike. John has pleased audiences of all ages from Las Vegas to Atlantic City, Washington Dc to Key West. 

  This is the show that has everyone talking and gets rave reviews. The shows range from "G" for the whole family to an erotic show suitable for adult adiences only. The "Rev" swears it's the only true XXX show in the nation. 


The Hypnosis show and all of the games and activities listed are available for your next event anywhere in the USA. Contact Certified Djs and Entertainment for availability and books.


THE COMEDY SHOW !   John is also an award winning and accomplished stand up comedian. If you want to ad fun to your company's or organization's next outing, convention, party or any function. Contact John so he and his comedy troup can entertain you and your guest.








For bookings and information:

301-385-9100 office, or @ CERTIFIEDDJS.COM or drop him a line at job2entertain@aol.com


   Our party and locator service is designed to help anyone who would like to HOST a party and of course for those who want to go to a party.


 If you have a nice home or location and feel that hosting a party is something you would like to do. We are always looking for alternative venues to host parties at so life doesn't get monotinous. Also since we have members of our group litterally in all four corners of the "DC area" , a change in venue is usually good and sometimes we can host a party in areas that may be closer to some of our guest that don't do the travel to DC and therefore reach more people.

   Find various themed parties, celebrations and gatherings at private residences throughout the metropolitan area and make new friends and mingle with old ones. Explore surrounding regions and sample the foods, arts, recreations and culture they have to offer. The same fees and rules apply for our locator and vetting services as to our commercially sponsored parties unless otherwise indicated. Additional "House" rules, requirements and requests may apply. There will be a co-host/MC  at these events who is affiliated with Bi-weekly parties of Md, DC and Va so host can enjoy their party too.

General "House" rules frequently encountered:
Sign a liability waiver or consent acknowledgement

Comply with generally posted request or caution concerning trash, restrooms, noise, parking, smoking (anything) and of course capacity restrictions.

Vetting through Bi-weekly parties is easy as we have a guest list and members who are active in the lifestyle and know the general ins and outs , ups and downs and respect to attend a lifestyle party. They have already attended our parties and are a member of one of the adult sites we use to promote our parties on. We can help you with your parties as co-host so YOU can actually enjoy your own party. Until you have tried to host a party on your own will you realize you get so busy you personally don't have time to play and enjoy yourself. yourself. 

Contact John at INFO@THEBISEXUALLIFE.COM for more info and any qustions. 

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