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(a.k.a. The Reverand Feelgood)


John Roberts began entertaining doing his high school and college plays and musicals. He developed a stand up routine while still in high school and performed at a local night club. Then, while in the service he began winning awards for comedy and MC skills at base, command and national levels.


He started his DJ career at the USO club in Washington DC in 1973. When he got out of the service he started his own DJ service Dynamo Disco. He did his first gig Dec. 24th 1975. From that first month with 3 shows he quickly jumped to 22 shows a month. Then he opened the first Disco in the DC area in 1976. As a night club consultant / DJ service he has since gone on to open over 25 night clubs in the DC area. His was the first DJ service ever hired by the Ritz Carlton Hotels anywhere for DC’s exclusive Fairfax Club. His was the first DJ Company ever to advertise in the DC Metropolitan yellow pages. The name changed to Roving Records in 1982 and has evolved into Certified DJs today.


He is truly an industry leader and nationally known personality. He started the first DJ association in 1982 to help set standards of professionalism for the DJ industry. In 1988 John opened the nation’s first independent DJ training facility “John Roberts’ DJ Training Center” and has trained DJs world wide. He has been a keynote speaker and panelist at almost every major DJ convention or expo nation wide and in Canada. He has written for Mobile Beat, ADJA news and DJ Times industry magazines and has written articles in many magazines and newspapers for DJs and the wedding industries. This lead his founding of the American Disc Jockey Association which is the Nation’s oldest and largest DJ association.


He has been an on air radio personality, TV host, MC, racetrack announcer, voice over artist, appeared in numerous TV commercials, been a record pool director, club jock, mobile jock, comedian and comedy stage hypnotist. He has been named national night club DJ of the year in Las Vegas at the American DJ awards and in Atlantic City at the  national DJ competition he was noted as one of the Nation’s top ten entertaining DJs 2X. He has been recognized in many of the industry’s leading educational and reference books.


In his 40 plus years of DJing John has averaged working 4 nights a week for over 35 of those years. In a good year John personally will do between 50 and 70 weddings a year.


In 2009 John Opened “The Big Mouth Club” a comedy and dance club in Waldorf, Md.




  • 40+ years of experience doing all sorts of functions. Some specific specialties are weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate functions, larger outdoor events, reunions and senior events. As well as vocal talents for commercials and any type of recorded or public announcing

  • Top of the line professional DJ and Karaoke equipment. With his own back up, owning six full systems all meeting MPDJA, ADJA, BADJA, NAME, and ODJA approved standards. Speakers on stands, cordless mics and always dressed appropriately, usually in a tuxedo.

  • An unbeatable music selection that will rival any collection worldwide with a selection of over 450,000 records and CDs. John brings a selection of over 450,000 songs for DJing and over 200,000 Karaoke songs to each event. All computerized and easily accessed. It should be noted that John uses edited radio versions of the most popular songs to satisfy brides and the pickiest school officials. Songs are routinely updated.

  • An incredible light show. John has a full truss light show that would rival any DJ and most night clubs. Using a dozen specialty lights, strobes, black lights, par cams, intelligent lighting, fog, and even bubbles.

  • Interactivity and games! John is the preeminent prop master. He brings his famous “box of tricks” to his shows that are filled with props, masks, costumes and wacky accessories. He’s the kind of guy that’ll get your bridal party doing a conga line or your boss being wrapped in toilet paper. John wrote the first book on games for DJs and is known for inventing games and contest. His icebreakers are guaranteed to get the stiffest of crowds up and going.

  • Karaoke.  I know it’s been mentioned that we do Karaoke but John is one of Maryland’s very first and original Karaoke host and he introduced laser Karaoke to Southern Maryland in 1990. His selection of music is in the 200,000+ range and he adds new songs every month. He offers projectors that can cover up to a 25’ screen.

  • Robotic Boxing!  John owns the exclusive rights to this exciting game of grown up “rockem-sockem” robots in Maryland, DC and the Metro Va. area. Loud and exciting, we provide announcers, ring girls and trophies for the winners.

  • Photomontage and Interview segments. We know of no other DJ in our area providing these services. The montage goes on throughout the event with new, up to the minute pictures being added all the time on the big screen by projector. It can start with pictures you provide and then updated with our digital pictures of your event. The Interview segments ranges from recorded interviews with your friends or relatives that couldn’t attend your event, to the father of the bride to be overlaid onto the father daughter dance or the bride and grooms first dance. Best way to describe it is to refer to the Titanic song “Our Hearts Will Go On”, the special radio version where they super imposed spoken movie lines into the song.

  • Our EXCLUSIVE COMEDY STAGE HYPNOSIS SHOW!   No other DJ show comes close to this. On its own or as an add on to the DJ services this is a show getting raves by all who witness it. A truly unique and exclusive feature. This show is usually an hour long and makes a regular event a truly special night out full of hilarious entertainment. John studied in Vegas under Nationally known and recognized master hypnotists and became a certified stage hypnotist.

  • John has added the exciting and always entertaining “Game Show Mania” A professional trivia and game show program for all ages that mimics various games shows seen on TV. (think jeopardy with the 3 contestant booths with scoring etc).

  • Reliability!  John has never missed a contracted event in the 40 years he has been entertaining. John is a member in good standing of the ADJA, MPDJA, and ODJA.


Business biography for John A. Roberts

Owner of Certified DJs;


Education: High School:      


Archbishop John Carroll, Washington DC, 1970


College and Trades:               


Montgomery College, 1971 The Arts

  •  USAF Military Police Academy, 1972

University of Maryland, 1980

  • Radio and TV courses.

Virginia Travel Institute, 1982

  • Graduated with honors.

Columbia School of Broadcasting, 1985

  • Graduated with honors. 

  • (Nominated for Graduate of the Year)                    

University of Maryland, 1986

  • Principles of Real Estate.

College of Southern Maryland, 1999

  • Computer Courses, 1990 to the present

  • Various DJ related courses and seminars

Geoff Ronning Certified Stage Hypnosis course

  • Certified 2003


Work Experience:


  • 1970 Started doing Stand up comedy in U.S.A.F. Military Police 1971 to 1975

  • Honorable Discharge

  • 1973 Worked as Music programmer

  • DJ for WUSO at the                                          

  • Washington DC USO club

  • Owner of Certified DJ’s Disc Jockey Service 1975 to present

  • Opening DJ for Chason’s, the DC area’s 1st “disco” 1976.

  • On air host at WMUC radio …1980

  • Founder and President of Metropolitan Professional Disc Jockey Association 1982 to present. This organization evolved into what is now Certified DJs  

  • On Air Host of TV’s Dancestand 301, 1984 to 1987          

  • On Air TV Host of The Home Shopping Club of Virginia 1987 to 1989

  • Owner of The DJ Training Center 1988 to present

  • Founder, 3x President/CEO, VP, National Director of the American Disc

  • Jockey Association 1991 to 2001. This is the Nation’s oldest and largest DJ Trade Association.        

  • Emeritus Director American DJ Association 2001 to present

  • On Air Announcer 89.9FM WMIR and live track announcer at Maryland

  • International Raceway for Friday Night’s Midnight Madness since 2001

  • Has been involved in the openings of over 25 night clubs.


Awards and Accommodations:


  • First Place comedy act in USAF talents shows 3x

  • First Place Master of Ceremonies 1X, 2nd Place 1X, Went to International finals twice.

  • Was one of the very first DJs in Maryland and one of the very first DJ Business owners.

  • Ran the first DJ business ad in the Wash, Va. Md. Yellow pages

  • Started the first DJ Association in the USA in the Washington DC area

  • Opened the Nations First independent DJ Training Facility in the USA

  • Writer for Mobile beat magazine and have had articles appear innumerous industry and Wedding magazines.

  • Helped host and promote one of the industry’s first national conventions                            

  • Have been a keynote speaker and panel moderator, guest speaker at Mobile Beat, DJ Times, Mid America, Meeting of the Minds, and too numerous other events.

  • American DJ award’s 1996 Night Club DJ of the year awarded in Vegas

  • Noted as one of America’s top 10 entertaining DJs in Atlantic City National DJ Competition.

  • 2X recipient of the prestigious “Generation” DJ Award. Having done the parents and then their children’s wedding receptions.




  • Performed my first night club stand up comedy act in 1971 at the Turf Club in Laurel Md.

  • Won first place in the Air Force Talent show for MC and Comedy 2x and went to World Wide Competition

  • Opened the first Disco in the Washington DC area.

  • I have worked in the presence of Kings and Presidents

  • Did private shows in the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia's Private home

  • Mooned President Nixon

  • I have performed on at least 6 LPs, the latest in 2012 on a popular DC Go-Go Band's live LP

  • I had a #1 Rap Song

  • Has had 2 TV shows

  • Have had my own radio shows and still do radio, 

  • Opened the nation's 1st independent DJ Training School

  • Founded the nations largest DJ Association

  • Was 2x noted as one of the nation's top 10 entertaining DJs in National competition.

  • Was inducted into The DJ Hall of Fame

  • Performed in 1 movie

  • Owned a comedy Club

  • Owns a radio

  • Has performed in Las Vegas and Atlantic city.

  • Was Robo the Clown and has played Santa Clause since 1974

  • After a year and a half of the oral sex survey is STILL undefeated!


Game Show info:

  • All the excitement of an actual TV Game Show. (Picture Jeopardy) This Professional game Show Set up features 3 pro contestant booths complete with blinking lights, scores and sound effects. Hosted by an MC in a fast paced, entertaining trivia game for all ages and lifestyles. Contestants vie for an assortment of prizes as they match wits on an eclectic assortment of topics that can range from Music, movies, TV and general knowledge.

  • For all audiences and situations from Schools to conventions to private parties. The Game Show offers the perfect alternative to your entertainment needs. 




For the lifestyle community join the Rev Dr feelgood as he host the only known 'Strip Trivia" game anywhere. Contestants bet their clothes to see who is the top trivia wizard of the night. Not for the shy or faint of heart this game will surely get your blood pumping and your juices flowing. The perfect entertainment for your most liberal guest.


The Hypnosis show.


The Rev Dr Feelgood's Comedy Hypnosis show is truly a unique experience for all ages. This comedy show has had audiences raving from Las Vegas to Atlantic City to Washington DC. Even the staunchest skeptics walk away believers at the Rev's hypnotic abilities. No two shows are alike no matter how many times you see this act.


An act for all audiences, ages and lifestyles, This is perfect for schools, Colleges, corporate functions, conventions, Fairs and festivals. Truly affordable professional Las Vegas Style entertainment for your next function. The Rev has been entertaining crowds across the nation for over 40 years.


Robotic Boxing


True Robots that BOX! And you control all the action. Picture "Rockem' Sockem" Robots grown up for adults! This is an action packed, bang em up competition for ages 13 and up. These are life size metal robots ...."Rocky Bot" and "T Bot" that are on casters that the contestants actually strap onto and control with levers protruding from their backs that have the boxers fighting like pros in an upper-cut fashion. The competition is done in brackets and the winners get a trophy along with bragging rights. Rounds are one minute long and we start with open boxing to get contestants familiar and warmed up Then we move on to the "Main Event" with elimination rounds until a champ is crowned. Perfect for Schools, corporations, conventions, sporting events, fairs and fundraisers. Hosted by a professional MC with a referee and ring girls are available.




John Roberts is the original Karaoke Host Introducing karaoke to the area back in 1991. With a selection of 250,000 songs in every genre. This is the show where YOU are the star and it's great for a multitude of occasions and all ages. Complete with his "Box full of tricks", John offers a truly unique and entertaining show offering guest hats, wigs, blow ups and a variety of props. 


It's American Idol Live at your next function or event.















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