Our Venues,

And how to    attend a        party

To read about the Villa Kumar situation please go to the bottom of this segment.

We are always open to finding new and exciting venues for our regular parties. We check out the venues and then vet the guest for the owners. If you know of a good location send us the info and we'll check it out.

WE host various house parties across the entire DC area and we vet the guest for the safety of the home owners.

                        PLEASE NOTE, NEW INFO AS OF 4-29-21

How do I attend?   I figured I would start with this as it's usually high up on the question list. Hopefully you go to our this site and see everything BUT, On the home page here you will see the menu bar. We have a tab that says "Pay for party" but I know some computers or more specifically, phones, do not show this. So if yours does not, see the "MORE" tab. When you click it the pay for party option will appear. Pick the date/party you want to attend. Then pick the single/couple option or the new party pass option. Then just follow directions as to prepayment.  We now use Eventbrite as our ticket service

and they accept all forms of credit  / debit and even PayPal as means of prepayment.  They accept PayPal so you may indeed need to set up a pay pal account which is actually easy. I suggest you get the ap on your phone and fill one out.  A receipt will be sent to you and one to us.

Your receipt will be from Certified DJs in case you are worried about what it will show on your account. When we get the notice of your prepayment you will be sent the address of the party.  


We request a prepayment for a couple reasons but mainly to reduce possible no shows. The other is for the safety of the homes. We do not want anyone's home to be known as a place that carries cash. If you can't use the prepay system for some reason you can pay at the door but you must contact John the Host directly and ask. You will also pay an additional fees.  Singles $50 and couples $70 cash at the door. All payments at the door will be in cash and exact change as we won't have a bank. 

Update...PLEASE NOTE:  Re Prepay and paying at the door.

 And now, a note on no shows who don't pay. I realize completely that shit happens in life. So for the record..please note to always buy your pass in advance ...and always before 6pm on weekend night parties and 10am for a day party.  BUT, if you no show there is no refund nor an "exchange" for another party. If you no show that's it. You don't get to go to another movie or play if you no show there..so not here either. We will always take into consideration any notice you send us for sure...But sending us a notice 1 hour prior or after a party starts probably won't be in your favor...2 or 3 hours prior.. or say a day even...in advance...great chance we'll work with you.  Next day sending an oops note...Nope...won't work. Just putting this out there so we are all informed and on the same page. 

  If you are on Fetlife or SLS do let others know you are coming to help promote a party. Where the parties are listed there is a space to indicate if you are attending. Also, since your receipt and our notice may not show the name you use at parties or any guest you are bringing please do drop us an RSVP with the names of who is coming, it will be greatly appreciated. Send to tryabiguy@aol.com. Also use that to contact us if you have any problems.   

Here is a list of our current venues:


For info contact your host John, TryabiGuy@aol.com
Or tryabiguy on Fetlife and tryabiguy1 on SLS

 We will not be using Villa Kumar and I now discourage anyone from attending their events. Let's just say this place is headed for a quick crash and burn

JOHN'S ESTATE, (White PLains, Md)  is a large 4000sf house on 6 1/2 private acres located in White Plains (Waldorf) MD. There is plenty of parking for all and as with most house parties there is limited space so always sign up early. 50 would be our largest comfortable crowd here. We feature a pool table, Darts, Foosball, Music and a bar. Fire pit outside and a fireplace inside with lots of open play space.

This location is super easy to find and get to. Once out of DC there is only one turn and it's the first house on the left. 


  Morningwood is a private residence in a wooded setting, referred to as "MorningWood" due to the comforting coolness and feeling of serenity the surrounding forestry brings after a long satisfying night spent with friends. Again, parking is limited so sign up early. This is an indoor / outdoor setting with a nice sized pavilion in the back and nice spacious guest house with play areas. These gatherings usually start earlier for a change of pace and we also feature a BBQ so we also have a cookout type setting. So we do ask guest to bring a little something to throw on the bar, drinks or ice to share. Makes for a nice casual setting. They are always adding and improving so come by and see what's new..Psst  a new medical examiner's table is one new addition. 


 This is a beautiful single family home that is in close by Springfield, Va. It is only 2 minutes off the beltway off of  the Braddock Rd exit. They have a lot of free, open street parking.

 But this house isn't your ordinary house. It is designed for our kind of play. It features a nice 4 person Jacuzzi, a sex swing, Sybian machine, a pool table and lots of space to play in. The basement is in 2 sections one with a couple of large beds and bathroom while the other space has mattresses and massage tables. 

 Owned by Karl he has been hosting parties for a number of years. They told me they have easily had over 100 people at some previous parties. So I don't see a problem with our group at all and it gives us room to grow. 


We are rescheduling for the remainder of 2021 so keep and eye out for any new dates.

                       ALL IN PLAYHOUSE

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the owners of the Newest lifestyle venue in 2020 "The All In Playhouse" in Hagerstown Maryland with my co-host John. The owners were gracious and professional and soon showed us their level of involvement in providing guests with a first-class, erotic lifestyle experience. This late 1800's home is tastefully decorated in first-class style and amenities you won't see in any other venue around. Nothing I have seen recently even compares.
I have been involved in the "swinger scene" since the opening of the very first swingers club in the DC area. Since then I have either worked in or for or been too every lifestyle venue at some time or another. So when I say this place is first class and done up right trust me...it is.
The Tree House in Annapolis was impressive to many so I guarantee if you liked the Treehouse the All In PLayhouse will blow you away.
It starts with the epoxy covered floors to the color selection to the design and use appropriate furniture throughout. It's spacious throughout over 3000 sf and 4 floors.
The main areas feature a room great for holding special sessions...like our Oral sex survey a hypnosis show, fire demos, etc. ...and the latest in pleasure devises like the new Motobunny. Then a room with a 2-way mirror and large play space.
There is play space throughout and on the lowest floor, there is a dungeon that FEELS like a dungeon with rock walls and narrow walkway that leads to a large very well stocked dungeon bed and area with all you will ever need to enjoy your dungeon experience. In as much as they have a table down there that is a virtual smorgasbord of titillating and stimulating devices. Something for everyone I am sure.
The All In Playhouse is modernized to the max. Including a Hitachi Magic Wand 2.0. If you like your current wand, this will blow you away. You gotta experience it to appreciate it. The house is wired throughout with modern amenities from electric toilets with bidets to a supersonic shower that has to be seen to get the full scope of. The upper floor is the offices with a full media room.
You will start seeing ads all over for this place and I am pleased to say we have made a deal with the owners to sponsor their LGBTQ nite on the 3rd Saturday of every month starting March 21st 2020. This is a real opportunity for us to grow our group and help support a first-class operation too. I know Hagerstown is clearly down the road from the DC area BUT, it's not a hard drive and once you see this place you will clearly see why I am so excited about it and want to see this place thrive..
The good parts of holding parties here are, it has a fully stocked bar, we won't ask to bring a snack or plate to share and there is parking for oh, say...300 plus cars right at his back door. No one will get stuck in.
There are very few legitimate locations this well equipped anywhere close to the DC area. To show you, we will direct you to their Fetlife page and their website...you will see...but a visit is the best way to appreciate all this wonderful place has to offer.

ALL-IN-PLAYHOUSE Fet link ** https://fetlife.com/users/9797130 **
the take over link on 21st
** https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sexpobi-weekly-parties-playhouse-takeover-tickets-96499002113 **

So check out their info and website and join us as we start a whole new Bi-weekly adventure...We highly encourage all of you to please, do yourself a favor and make the drive out one time, you will NOT regret it. I am positive you'll come back for sure. There simply is no place this nice anywhere around.


If you have a venue, house / party location  and you would like to host a party just contact us and we will help promote your party and help make it a success. Our open events are self sponsored in commercial venues. We also offer a party locator and vetting service to help you find various themed parties, celebrations, and gatherings at private residences throughout the metropolitan area to make new friends and mingle with old ones. The same fee's apply to our locator  and vetting services as to our commercially sponsored parties unless otherwise indicated. (we will try to be consistent so you know what to expect to pay). Additional "House rules", requirements and request of the host/hostess may apply. There is a co-host/party rep. at these parties who is affiliated with Bi-weekly Parties of Md DC and Va so hosts and sponsors may enjoy their party too.

See our page for party locator and vetting service if you want to host a party or know where one might be.

 These parties are all Clothing Optional, On Premise and Open Play. 

Our House parties are traditionally BYOB and for most we are pretty casual and ask for everyone to bring a dish, snack, munchie, drinks, ice or a friend to share with others. 

We also provide some dry pads, condoms and lube. If you have a preference for these items please do bring your own. 

 Each venue offers it's own accommodations so always read up on the specific event.

** Note. Since marijuana laws are relaxing all around our area some...not all...of our house parties may be 420 friendly or provide a designated area so please ask and do not assume anything regarding this. 


I have initiated the prepay policy for various reasons. Since doing so our no show rate went from almost 50% to now only maybe 2 or 3 a party. We have explained our reasons BUT if you must pay at the door please make sure you contact us and let us know. Then, it is cash only, exact change as we don't use a bank. You will pay $40 a single and $50 a couple.


 If you prepay and then do not show up ..that's it..we don't refund no shows. If you have sent us a letter of explanation a a day prior to the party BEFORE you actually don't show. Then we will issue you an exchange for any future party. Refunds will be made in case of exceptional circumstances and provided a notice of any cancellations are made at least 3 hours before a party they paid for.

  We ask our guests to please sign on to any party before 6:00 pm the day of a party. If you elect to pay anyway after that, be warned! There is NO GUARANTEE AT ALL you will get the info / address in time for the party. This is now auto generated so you should get the party address. 

 I need to get ready and drive to the party myself. Then get there, set up and by then guests are arriving and I get busy. Sometimes I don't even get on the internet to check late signers until after the party actually starts. I do try to get on as soon as I can. So if you sign on late and don't get the info in time. You have been advised.  Do try and plan better next time. 

 Also, some of our venues have limits as to people and or cars we can accommodate and therefore we will have cut offs. This being stated if you sign on late and just decide to show up at any of our venues just because you know where it is and have been there before, it is possible you could be turned away. Just be advised that's a possibility.

 We do ask all of our guest to please arrive by 11pm if you can. If you must arrive after that please do let us know in advance. 

What happened at Villa Kumar?

Read this first:

As you read this I want you to know I was a policeman at one time and was always told to write out a complete report of any occasion to keep my mind aware of what I been through in case I needed recall ..for whatever reason. Later on in business I would do the same thing ...

 I got in the habit of making these reports more story like, I write as I feel.. sometimes its a report others a story others by emotion. These writings are usually private for my notes like a diary. Most the time they never get published as they are for me But I may use them to fact check or whatever. So if it seems long or overly detailed or very much so MY opinion or feeling.  I thought I'd just share this give you an idea of what this situation was like. It's my opinion and I'll sticking to it.

   Hello To All My Bi-Weekly Partiers

 I have some news to share with you and sometimes it isn’t easy. Effective immediately Bi-weekly parties will no longer associate nor be involved with Villa Kumar.

 And because this is a pretty small community and rumors being what they are. I’ll give the condensed version.

 Vick contacts me that he has a house he’d like to hold parties in. I meet with him and we talk and get along and he tells me his ideas and plans and he knows my Bi-weekly parties. He had been to a few… We make a deal I will use his Villa to host our Bi-weekly parties and he offers the 2nd and 4th Saturdays every month.  I agree to help him with his grand opening party which originally was supposed to be our 1st party there. I watch as the Villa comes along and I observe Vick, try to get to know him, see how he does and I am sure he does the same to me.

 I see we are both businessmen and he’s got a fine house and owns a successful business.  I’ve owned a few houses and businesses myself. I see he seems a man who doesn’t like to be told no and hear that he is wrong. Just a vibe I pick up. And I relate, as the CEO and a business owner I don’t like to have to tell anyone 2 or 3 times for something. We all have our own personalities and business attitudes.

 Cut to the chase, we have the party, it’s a great success we have 78 people there. The guest all enjoyed and to them it was wonderful, But on the business side, not so great. 

 Vick and I meet Tuesday after the party to go over details and settle.  I start by stating we had a successful opening and looks like we have a hit here in trying to keep things upbeat and positive to start.  Vick speaks up and says ,“I don’t think so”. And that in fact he is ending our business together. I ask, “Oh, why is that?” He informs me that I insulted him by calling him “Dumb as a rock” At first I was “WHAT”  I was shocked at that, he said I said it in front of him and to everyone there. I think I knew what he meant. He had asked me to make an opening statement. So I Welcomed everyone…and I am not quoting, just trying to convey the lightheartedness of the statement. I said something like…..I am me and he is he…and welcome to Villa Kumar, this is our grand opening and I am with Bi weekly parties and we’ll host his LGBTQ night. Vick got us to kick it off as this is his first day, he’s new at this, basically “dumb as a rock” but we’re here to help him along…..

I am not sure exactly what I said so if anyone out there did hear it and can relay it to me that would be great.

This is what I said to Vick in response: …OMG you are 100% correct sir. I was wrong that was very insensitive. I clearly meant it in a light way.. I am a comedian, not everything works.  So I understand your wanting to end this, I do apologize …so we settled up I thanked him, wished him well and we parted ways. Again not trying to quote me..just give you an idea and it was along those lines.

 As I walked to my car I felt a weight just come off my shoulders. I felt so relieved. You see, I thanked Vick because he just made this inevitable split easy. I was trying to be upbeat because there were some very serious issues I had to clear up with this man or we were not moving on.  After observing this man for a couple weeks I knew this wouldn’t be easy.  But this man has some very serious breeches within his business protocol that are just unacceptable to me.

 The first is actually just the 1st killer. You guys know me, I’ve been doing this for awhile and you may recall there are at least 2 venues I up and walked away from for this exact reason.

 I own Bi-weekly parties and I have hosted these parties for over 10 years.  I’ll be damned if I let anyone walk in and try to usurp my authority of MY group. Why is it these venue host seem to think that they have any right at all to say anything about the operation my party.  They start by calling it THEIR party and giving orders and direction of what THEY think I should do.  After only 1 party one home host actually said we needed to raise the price and that we should start allowing straight single males. AFTER 1 PARTY! Vick who has nothing to do with bi-weekly parties at all. All of a sudden became the promoter/”organizer”, dictating policy  and what people wear..NO! I stopped him the first time and advised him he was way out of line and to stop. This man doesn’t listen and again I see his name listed on a Bi-weekly event notice that he was the organizer. Then in a live discussion about the party he tried to tell me what to do and about music. I draw a big line there. And again informed him his sole purpose is to rent us the venue..that’s it, it is MY party. He resented this every time it was mentioned as if he just wasn’t going to believe that. Like Trump not believing he lost.

 So you can put this in perspective. Imagine it this way…You rent the Champagne room at The Holiday Inn for YOUR wedding…Yet the Holiday Inn is telling you what your guest can wear, what entertainment you can have, how much you charge guests and then..they send an invite out to your wedding saying. Joe and Nancy’s wedding  Organized by By Jimmy King Manager at Holiday Inn.

 This is just a blatant business blunder and it is so wrong I do not tolerate this.

 Then something seemingly insignificant yet so ethically wrong I can’t ignore it.  I was at the desk to sign in at. A guy came up and said he needed to pay at the door. I say ok, and ask for $xx. The girl sitting there says…Oh No, it’s only $x0. I said, no it is $00 to which she said,

“ Vick said to only charge $x0 at the door”  Now for those reading this, I wonder what your initial thought on this is. HMM It’s not Vick’s party, I have sent out some 5000 invites and other notices as to what our fees are and post them all over and on the internet. I do this as it’s my party and for this man to do this without so much as asking me, consulting, nothing. I know it’s $5 cheaper …not the point. He had no authority nor right to do so, especially as it was advertised. Inexcusable.

  And now this:

 When I first got to Villa Kumar opening day I was setting up in the music room..and Vick came by and we talked for a minute. He exclaimed to me how upset he was that at the last party (Ken’s Kinky Karaoke) people were walking all around his beautiful million dollar home and he was not happy and was uncomfortable that it happened and he was there for making changes locking doors etc. He asked me to help keep an eye on this matter through the night. I said I would.

 I understood and then proceeded to tell him that I was setting up a brand new, never used outside my house before sound system and computer. I explained that this was a special unit and that it encompassed 45 years of my DJ career and that in reality the value of the songs , karaoke and videos are worth more than his house he wanted me to help protect. I then emphasized to Vick just how valuable and important this was to me and that I didn’t want anyone to go near it or touch it for any reason. That I had stayed up for 4 hours programming tonight’s music so I didn’t have to babysit it ..it would play all night. THIS was the ONLY thing I asked of Vick that day and I was quite adamant about it. And on this matter he failed me miserably and in fact the first issue of the night revolved around this. He showed no concern for my equipment or my request top leave it alone. 

 Now cut to the party  say around 10 PM  or so ..Not sure But I have my first dealings with Vick…(other than the Dumb as a rock thing)..Vick a guest and a girl in tow accost me at the sign in table. They proceed to tell me they are either “going to “change the music or they already did.. My first reaction was I blurted out “NO”, I didn’t want anyone touching my computer” and looked right directly at Vick.  They all looked at me as if, How Dare I refuse them this!!! They proceeded to tell me she had a playlist that was great or some such story and as I resisted, this guest, who knows me and my parties…He gets in my face and I mean like 6 inches close and heatedly exclaims “your music sucks, no one likes it we are changing it” I know Vick is close by hearing this…they then tell me ok we have another sound system (a home system of Vicks I had moved aside and know nothing about it, its small) and we won’t or didn’t touch my system.. I reason it’s this persons birthday..they have a playlist  and if they don’t mess with my system what do I care..I didn’t want this..we didn’t need a system it was just opening party so I brought it at Vick’s request. I was incensed at this exchange as it could have all been avoided if Vick had of just had the balls to simply say, “sorry John doesn’t want the system touched…leave it alone.” This was the only thing I asked of him.

 BUT WAIT>>>>> A little while later I went to the music room to check the status…and when I got there I saw the god-damdest, stupidest, most illogical, dumbfounding situation that I have ever come across in over 45 years of DJing and owning an entertainment co.  I won’t be kind, these ignorant assholes had taken the system I set aside. Hooked up their device , and turned it on to blare it OVER MY SOUND SYSTEM THAT WAS STILL PLAYING!.  It was so loud it was intolerable and completely undecipherable.  Her selection was whack, I didn’t know if it was electronic, drum , base, trance..I dunno but this music would only appeal to 18 to 25 year olds…where our own average is 30s to 40s. No one came into the room..again Vick was in on this and could have stopped it..while theirs was playing I stopped Vick as he passed and asked him to listen.  Their music was so distorted it was intolerable ..it just sounded terrible.. I pointed it out to Vick and he just shrugged and walked on. He saw up close the problem HE caused, saw it disturbed me.. and I am the bad guy who should worry about HIS feelings and ego.

 This would maybe seem enough if one final act of indignant stupidity didn’t prevail at the end..

 As we do a tally I can’t come up with a final figure as I know Vick rented all the Air BnBs to our previously mentioned guest.  Whom if I didn’t mention. Was emailing me and asking me about a group ticket and the Airbnb etc..I had asked Vick at least 3 times to please get me info  on the VIP section and how to sell his Air BNB…(once to have at a meeting he totally ignored) but because this guest kept asking me..I never got info from Vick,  so I put him directly in touch with him.  He made a deal and it was like with 5 or 6 guests.

 I say, Vick I can’t do a final figure without the Air BNB figures and Vick says this to me, I swear.. “ don’t worry about that it doesn’t concern you”  I say Are you nuts…I put him in touch with you, he came from my parties ..obviously NOT a previous customer of Vicks as it’s his first party.  I remind him of this and that he and all his guest did indeed attend the party ..to which Vick says..”Yeah, I comped them the party tickets”…To which I responded who gave you authority to do that? Without asking me? And then I asked,  “don’t I get a commission ..surely if you had a salesman selling these rooms he’d get a cut?”..It was over several hundred $ in rooms and party passes. That’s over $100 in pay to me..he just disrespected me and ignored my concerns then just assumed this bullshit and improper business procedures would be ok? I am trying to do business with this guy and he’s making stuff up as he goes along. Just sluffed off over $xxx in money WE split as if it was nothing. WTF?

 DID you read that?  That again is so out of proper business protocol I don’t know how this man has survived. And the one thing this pompous man just refused to acknowledge thought all of this..He is NOT any supervisor or boss or any authority figure to me at all..at best a partner in a business deal that HE isn’t the only voice..But his is all he cared about. This man showed no respect to me, my position and what I had done for him.

 This is what I had to put up with and let me point out that when I so terribly insulted the Mr. Vick, it was unintentional and intended in a good or candid way. Yet each of this man’s errors in business judgement were intentional or just shows how ill equipped this man is for business especially how it deals with me and without question any business in general.  

Certainly in this deal I can quit him as he me, so that part is no biggie,  So for you to assume that you sir have any authority over me, are in any way shape or form my superior in MY business or dealings, you again are sadly mistaken. Oh whooptie do, you think you are firing me because I unintentionally insulted you. Get a grip,  if these events I mentioned aren’t insulting me you are dumb as a rock. OH and Vick, I don’t mind stating this as you made it clear to many and said it many times, I have heard you clearly state that you are doing this so you can have sex.  So go for it my man and while you are at it please go fuck yourself.

Keep in mind Vick, I know you will read this and hope you learn something my rookie friend…I only mentioned happenings at MY party, gee..I never said anything about prior events did I. Think about it.

 My friends…I did everything I ever said I was going to do for this man..I promoted the hell out of him, rescheduled his shit after the first opening was cancelled, made excuses and sent mailers and flyers all over again etc. Then made his opening night a success. Even set up sound and made t-shirts all above and beyond. 

 One way I can look at it is like this. I was used, it’s as simple as that. I have seen it many times. I have opened more nightclubs than any one around. (I said that because Vick hates to be told that) and I watched and learned these owners as they proceeded...how they hired contractors as a dime a dozen..in one day then fired the next day…I watched one club owner bring a guy down from Mass.  With wife and kids…sold his house. He was fired a week later after opening… They will bring in the best management,  promoters, marketers to open a club and fire them all and bring in their own team. They don’t need the big guys anymore they did their job and a million people now know of them. The hardest part is done.

 This is basically what I feel happened here. And if there is any question…this guy is using MY exact wording and promotions taken from Bi-weekly party promotions in his new adds…already up by the way. And promotion campaign that HE was against originally.

  So my friends…I sent out a plea for my Bi-weekly people to support me and help open this house. Well, if we can come together and make this house rock…what’s to say we can’t come together and unrock this house. This situation and this man is a disaster ready to happen. I don’t want to sit around and wait for the train wreck. He is his own worst enemy. This man does not deserve your business and support. He is a posser and does not have the bi and trans community’s best interest in heart.  So please. Let’s see if we can undo this guy. Just don’t use his venue…it’s nice but look at what you’re dealing with.  This man is a total rookie, he does not know what he’s doing, no game plan written out, he changes his mind and what he wants done constantly. The propositions..(several) that he ran by me for what he wants to do there I warned him about seriously as it borders on prostitution and would be illegal. But nope, he knows it all. (Red flags all over the place.)

I would appreciate your support and thanks for supporting Bi-weekly parties. I am outta there (Villa Kumar) and I hope you all follow suite. I have been doing this for over 20 years..many of you know me. I don’t want this caliber of man coming into MY industry in my region and be such a total fuck up. He is such an egotist he thinks because he has some money he can do no wrong and he is the “man”. Or that people should kiss his ass or he is somehow an authority over you. Wake up Vick, that can all be gone in a flash. You have a very juvenile attitude for someone that is supposed to be a business man. Flash, I am a business man I see it and I won’t deal with it. Any man that will make snap business decisions based on his need for pussy is NOT someone I want to do business with.  Word to the wise.

  Last note Vick, you don’t come into an industry you know nothing about, start trying to recruit some of the best and most successful party host, pick their brains ..and then when EVERY ONE of them refuses to do business with you,  start knocking them because THEY are flawed in some way…  We ALL want a nice decent place we can host our parties. ALL OF US have this need. So if your damn house is so desirable and nice, please explain why we all have backed away from you? Wake up mister. You are obviously NOT convincing anyone that your way is a good way. There has got to be a reason every one of us is avoiding you. Look how you treat people, then cast them aside. You asked questions, picked our brains and now you think you know something. And now of course, when YOU disrespect others and we ( I ) dare to oppose you and tell it like it is, you of course will be appalled and not have a clue as to why anyone would have the nerve to talk about you and your beautiful house like this..Simply...you deserve it mister. Stop acting like somebody you are not…and that would be someone who knows what they are doing.

Mic drop......


 Thebisexuallife.com will keep the rest of you up to date. I sincerely appreciate your support. 



 The original ending.

 I would appreciate your support and thanks for supporting Bi-weekly parties. I am outta there and I hope you all follow suite. I have been doing this for over 20 years..many of you know me. I don’t want this caliber of man coming into MY industry in my region and be such a total fuck up. He is such an egotist he thinks because he has some money, he can do no wrong and he is the “man” and that people should kiss his ass or he is somehow an authority over you. Wake up Vick, that can all be gone in a flash. You have a very juvenile attitude for someone that is supposed to be a business man. Flash, I am a business man I see it and I won’t deal with it. Any man that will make snap business decisions based on his need for pussy is NOT someone I want to do business with.  Word to the wise.

  Last note Vick, you don’t come into an industry you know nothing about, start trying to recruit some of the best and most successful party host, pick their brains ..and then when EVERY ONE of them refuses to do business with you,  start knocking them because THEY are flawed in some way… Wake up mister. You are obviously NOT convincing anyone that your way is a good way. There as got to be a reason every one of us is avoiding you. Look how you treat people, then cast them aside. And now of course, when YOU disrespect others and we ( I ) dare to oppose you and tell it like it is, you of course will be appalled and not have a clue as to why anyone would have the nerve to talk about you and your beautiful house like this..Simply...you deserve it mister. Stop acting like somebody you are not…and that would be someone important.

 Thebisexuallife.com will keep you up to date.
































































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