Our Venues,

And how to    attend a        party

We are always open to finding new and exciting venues for our regular parties. We check out the venues and then vet the guest for the owners. If you know of a good location send us the info and we'll check it out.

WE host various house parties across the entire DC area and we vet the guest for the safety of the home owners.

                        PLEASE NOTE, NEW INFO AS OF 1-6-2020

How do I attend?   I figured I would start with this as it's usually high up on the question list. On the home page here you will see the menu bar. We have a tab that says "Pay for party" but I know some computers or more specifically, phones, do not show this. So if yours does not, see the "MORE" tab. When you click it the pay for party option will appear. Pick the date/party you want to attend. Then pick the single/couple option. Then just follow directions as to prepayment.  We now use Eventbrite as our ticket service

and they accept all forms of credit  / debit and I believe even PayPal as means of prepayment.  If they accept PayPal you may indeed need to set up a pay pal account which is actually easy. I suggest you get the ap on your phone and fill one out.  A receipt will be sent to you and one to us.

Your receipt will be from Certified DJs in case you are worried about what it will show on your account. When we get the notice of your prepayment you will be sent the address of the party.  


We request a prepayment for a couple reasons but mainly to reduce possible no shows. The other is for the safety of the homes. We do not want anyone's home to be known as a place that carries cash. If you can't use the prepay system for some reason you can pay at the door but you must contact John the Host directly and ask. You will also pay an additional fees.  Singles $40 and couples $50. All payments at the door will be in cash and exact change as we won't have a bank. 

Update...PLEASE NOTE:  Re Prepay and paying at the door.

 And now, a note on no shows who don't pay. I realize completely that shit happens in life. So for the record..please note to always buy your pass in advance ...and always before 6pm on weekend night parties and 10am for a day party.  BUT, if you no show there is no refund nor an "exchange" for another party. If you no show that's it. You don't get to go to another movie or play if you no show there..so not here either. We will always take into consideration any notice you send us for sure...But sending us a notice 1 hour prior or after a party starts probably won't be in your favor...2 or 3 hours prior.. or say a day even...in advance...great chance we'll work with you.  Next day sending an oops note...Nope...won't work. Just putting this out there so we are all informed and on the same page. 

  If you are on Fetlife or SLS do let others know you are coming to help promote a party. Where the parties are listed there is a space to indicate if you are attending. Also, since your receipt and our notice may not show the name you use at parties or any guest you are bringing please do drop us an RSVP with the names of who is coming, it will be greatly appreciated. Send to tryabiguy@aol.com. Also use that to contact us if you have any problems.   

Here is a list of our current venues:

JOHN'S ESTATE, (White PLains, Md)  is a large 4000sf house on 6 1/2 private acres located in White Plains (Waldorf) MD. There is plenty of parking for all and as with most house parties there is limited space so always sign up early. 50 would be our largest comfortable crowd here. We feature a pool table, Darts, Foosball, Music and a bar. Fire pit outside and a fireplace inside with lots of open play space.

This location is super easy to find and get to. Once out of DC there is only one turn and it's the first house on the left. 


  Morningwood is a private residence in a wooded setting, referred to as "MorningWood" due to the comforting coolness and feeling of serenity the surrounding forestry brings after a long satisfying night spent with friends. Again, parking is limited so sign up early. This is an indoor / outdoor setting with a nice sized pavilion in the back and nice spacious guest house with play areas. These gatherings usually start earlier for a change of pace and we also feature a BBQ so we also have a cookout type setting. So we do ask guest to bring a little something to throw on the bar, drinks or ice to share. Makes for a nice casual setting. They are always adding and improving so come by and see what's new..Psst  a new medical examiner's table is one new addition. 

The TREEHOUSE. Is currently closed and the owners are looking to relocate their venue for us. 

We'll keep you posted on this as it develops.


We add a new venue called Jane's Harmony Haven located in Fredericksburg, Va. This is not in use right now but may return at a later date. This is a large private home nestled on 5 secluded acres. This is a large home with plenty of play space ans lots of parking I am venturing out there for a personal viewing and as soon as I have more info I'll pass it along. 

 So come out and join in on this new location. It's not local for a lot of you but we have a good number of members who live south of DC in Va and in Southern Md.. We try to get locations that will work and be close to our members all around the Dc area...So, if you are close come check this out.

We are currently not using this venue but there is a possibility of hosting another party in the future. 


 This is a beautiful single family home that is in close by Springfield, Va. It is only 2 minutes off the beltway off of  the Braddock Rd exit. They have a lot of free, open street parking.

 But this house isn't your ordinary house. It is designed for our kind of play. It features a nice 4 person Jacuzzi, a sex swing, Sybian machine, a pool table and lots of space to play in. The basement is in 2 sections one with a couple of large beds and bathroom while the other space has mattresses and massage tables. 

 Owned by Carl and Amanda, they have been hosting parties for a number of years. They told me they have easily had over 100 people at some previous parties. So I don't see a problem with our group at all and it gives us room to grow. 

 We will also be hosting our daytime meetups in Virginia here on Wednesdays from 12 noon to 3PM on alternating weeks with Susan's Sanctuary.

 Please come out and check out this great venue.

                       ALL IN PLAYHOUSE


If you have a venue, house / party location  and you would like to host a party just contact us and we will help promote your party and help make it a success. Our open events are self sponsored in commercial venues. We also offer a party locator and vetting service to help you find various themed parties, celebrations, and gatherings at private residences throughout the metropolitan area to make new friends and mingle with old ones. The same fee's apply to our locator  and vetting services as to our commercially sponsored parties unless otherwise indicated. (we will try to be consistent so you know what to expect to pay). Additional "House rules", requirements and request of the host/hostess may apply. There is a co-host/party rep. at these parties who is affiliated with Bi-weekly Parties of Md DC and Va so hosts and sponsors may enjoy their party too.

See our page for party locator and vetting service if you want to host a party or know where one might be.

 These parties are all Clothing Optional, On Premise and Open Play. 

Our House parties are traditionally BYOB and for most we are pretty casual and ask for everyone to bring a dish, snack, munchie, drinks, ice or a friend to share with others. 

We also provide some dry pads, condoms and lube. If you have a preference for these items please do bring your own. 

 Each venue offers it's own accommodations so always read up on the specific event.

** Note. Since marijuana laws are relaxing all around our area some...not all...of our house parties may be 420 friendly or provide a designated area so please ask and do not assume anything regarding this. 


I have initiated the prepay policy for various reasons. Since doing so our no show rate went from almost 50% to now only maybe 2 or 3 a party. We have explained our reasons BUT if you must pay at the door please make sure you contact us and let us know. Then, it is cash only, exact change as we don't use a bank. You will pay $40 a single and $50 a couple.


 If you prepay and then do not show up ..that's it..we don't refund no shows. If you have sent us a letter of explanation a minimum of 2 hours prior to the party BEFORE you actually don't show. Then we will issue you an exchange for any future party. Refunds will be made in case of exceptional circumstances and provided a notice of any cancellations are made at least two hours before a party they paid for.

  We ask our guests to please sign on to any party before 6:00 pm the day of a party. If you elect to pay anyway after that, be warned! There is NO GUARANTEE AT ALL you will get the info / address in time for the party. This is now auto generated so you should get the party address. 

 I need to get ready and drive to the party myself. Then get there, set up and by then guests are arriving and I get busy. Sometimes I don't even get on the internet to check late signers until after the party actually starts. I do try to get on as soon as I can. So if you sign on late and don't get the info in time. You have been advised.  Do try and plan better next time. 

 Also, some of our venues have limits as to people and or cars we can accommodate and therefore we will have cut offs. This being stated if you sign on late and just decide to show up at any of our venues just because you know where it is and have been there before, it is possible you could be turned away. Just be advised that's a possibility.

 We do ask all of our guest to please arrive by 11pm if you can. If you must arrive after that please do let us know in advance. 


   Our party and locator service is designed to help anyone who would like to HOST a party and of course for those who want to go to a party.


 If you have a nice home or location and feel that hosting a party is something you would like to do. We are always looking for alternative venues to host parties at so life doesn't get monotinous. Also since we have members of our group litterally in all four corners of the "DC area" , a change in venue is usually good and sometimes we can host a party in areas that may be closer to some of our guest that don't do the travel to DC and therefore reach more people.

   Find various themed parties, celebrations and gatherings at private residences throughout the metropolitan area and make new friends and mingle with old ones. Explore surrounding regions and sample the foods, arts, recreations and culture they have to offer. The same fees and rules apply for our locator and vetting services as to our commercially sponsored parties unless otherwise indicated. Additional "House" rules, requirements and requests may apply. There will be a co-host/MC  at these events who is affiliated with Bi-weekly parties of Md, DC and Va so host can enjoy their party too.

General "House" rules frequently encountered:
Sign a liability waiver or consent acknowledgement

Comply with generally posted request or caution concerning trash, restrooms, noise, parking, smoking (anything) and of course capacity restrictions.

Vetting through Bi-weekly parties is easy as we have a guest list and members who are active in the lifestyle and know the general ins and outs , ups and downs and respect to attend a lifestyle party. They have already attended our parties and are a member of one of the adult sites we use to promote our parties on. We can help you with your parties as co-host so YOU can actually enjoy your own party. Until you have tried to host a party on your own will you realize you get so busy you personally don't have time to play and enjoy yourself. yourself. 

Contact John at INFO@THEBISEXUALLIFE.COM for more info and any qustions. 

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