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 Meet as many fun bi and bi friendly people as you can and have them join our group and come to our parties. Nakedness in next to godliness and we think you should be as holy as you can be. Nudity is not crudity.

Our 2 biggest rules while at this party and others
1. Have fun  *Note:  This is a bi-sexual party.  If seeing Bi-sexual play offends you -  you may consier trying another party.  Bi-friendly are more than welcome to play with us and enjoy the party.

2. NO MEANS NO, be polite, always ask first. When giving a blow job / oral sex, we feel it is up to the giver to let the receiver know if it is OK or NOT to cum in someone's mouth. Best to not assume it's ok, just ask. Ladies, if you are a gusher it might be nice to let the other person know this may happen. If you want a guy to let you know he's gonna cum  when you suck him, don't you think a guy may want to know before he gets drenched in the mouth or all over? Just a courtesy thought. Pads are available, keep one at the ready.


3. In the dungeon do not try to join in a scene in progress. Don't talk to, touch or disturb someone in a scene. Best to make eye contact with the dom, person in charge of the scene, they will acknowledge you and indicate if there is any need for you.


4.  We expect my guest to be adults and act adult like. Be friendly and polite. Hopefully you came here to meet someone and actually play. 


5.  Be open and friendly, talk with people, don't be shy (if you can help it), But don't just walk up to someone and feel their crotch or breast, ask first.  Note**  WE always say if a girl has a cock in her ass, mouth and pussy and a cock in each hand, it does NOT mean you can just walk up and feel her tit! Always ask first.  Someone will let you know if and or when it's ok to touch or join.


6.  In any circumstance,  remember NO always means no. WE understand and hope most of you did come here to play, so if someone were to touch you in any way, shape or form that you felt uncomfortable with, simply tell them no, You don't need to get mad. If you have to tell them twice, seek out a Staff Member, dungeon master, host or any BWP person and we will deal with them accordingly. Remember, if someone if offering to sexually interact with you, they certainly aren't trying to hurt you. In fact just the opposite. And not everyone is blessed with common sense or social etiquate and may be toatlly new to a scene. Try to be understanding but you don't have to stay quite either. Let them know. Thanks.


7.  Practice Safe Sex.   You are all adults and know the risk of having unprotedted sex.  Practice safe sex for you, you playmates and those who care about you. If you were to have any open sores in your genitals or mouth, please just stay home. A no-brainer.


8.  Use of Illegal substances will not be tolerated.  Anyone found to be using or in the possesion of illegal substances will be removed from the party/presmices. DC has it's own laws and we will keep that in mind. Poppers are NOT an illegal drug. (for the person who frantically ran up to us because the person having sex w them sniffed a popper bottle) 


9.  We reserve the right to refuse service or ask any person to leave our party and the premises without explanation.  

People who do not follow the rules, are offensive to other guests  will be removed. Having a drink is certainly ok but getting drunk, especially noticably drunk is socially unacceptable at any sexually open party. PLease keep that in mind. 


10. No phones or cameras allowed anywhere in a play area. It is highly suggested to keep your phone in your car or stored with your belongings. If we see a phone or camera out anywhere in a play area it WILL be confiscated and checked for pictures. If there are pictures on your phone from our party you will me removed imediately and barred from any future events. This is our most serious rule. Please abide by it and take heed. 

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