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Charles Bennett
Charles Bennett

Naked Girls Having Sex With Boy Video

The documents also revealed that six other people were being held in connection with the case and were considered to be suspects. Authorities arrested three men who arrived at the Brentwood home in a white van. At least one other person was arrested during the raid.

naked girls having sex with boy video

In addition, Kelly had violated his probation by not disclosing his use of a license to prescribe medications. He had also failed to disclose a prior felony conviction, a misdemeanor conviction and several other "failures to comply" with the terms and conditions of his probation.

Prosecutors have said Kelly had no evidence that anyone was filming the video without his knowledge. Instead, they said they believed it was a PR stunt to promote their relationship. In the video, which was later published on, Leathers spanks Kelly, smacks his buttocks and thrusts her tongue into his mouth.

One of his accusers, who goes by the name of Boy Genius, said in her statement that when she was 22, she was "sold" into an arranged marriage by her parents and signed a non-disclosure agreement promising not to tell anyone about a "vow" she made to God. Kelly then took her to meet his friends, all married couples, who introduced her to the concept of having sex with other people. She said that after her first such encounter she became depressed and wanted to die.

The accusers allege that they were then taken to a Los Angeles music studio where Kelly made them strip naked and perform oral sex on a female crew member whom he dressed in lingerie and put a blindfold over. The crew member did not reciprocate their oral sex, the accusers allege. One of the accusers said the video, which she viewed on YouTube, shows Kelly's assistant with a gun being used to shut off the light in the studio and turn off the cameras.


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