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Material Science And Metallurgy By Uc Jindal Pdf 54l

Significant progresses in materials science and engineering have developed a novel technology in which materials can be designed and engineered at nanoscale, so-called nanotechnology. Nanomaterials with property being custom-made by nanotechnology have influenced many research and advancement in the field of engineering, science, and technology with peerless novel applications which are far beyond the conventional one. Nanomaterials are synthesized in different shapes like powder particles, rods, wires, tubes, and as thin films which are merely based on the fabrication route one employs. Nanopowders with remarkable properties like high surface to volume ratio, low heat capacity, dispersibility, wettability, adhesive nature, range of size, and usage flexibility have earned a research spotlight. Nanopowders in the form of metals, metal oxides, and ceramics are the most extensively used candidates in powder metallurgy for making nanocomposites. However, the choice of nanopowders for making composites is always confined with a specific objective one deals with; say for example zinc, iron oxide, and titanium oxide are opted to improve corrosion resistance, thermal layer insulation, and self-cleaning ability of a base material, respectively. Mechanical alloying and powder metallurgy are the most preferred techniques employed for processing metal matrix composites at nanoscale. This chapter reviews the fundamentals on nanoparticles, powder processing via mechanical alloying and powder metallurgy, powder characterization techniques, choice of nanopowders in making nanocomposites, and their potential applications toward energy and environment.

Material Science And Metallurgy By Uc Jindal Pdf 54l


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