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In most fonts, descenders are reserved for lowercase characters such as g, j, q, p, y, and sometimes f. Some fonts, however, also use descenders for some numerals (typically 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9). Such numerals are called old-style numerals. (Some italic fonts, such as Computer Modern italic, put a descender on the numeral 4 but not on any other numerals. Such fonts are not considered old-style.) Some fonts also use descenders for the tails on a few uppercase letters such as J and Q.[1]


Descenders are often reduced in small-print typefaces for uses such as newspapers, directories or pocket Bibles to fit more text on a page. More radically, on 20 May 1802 Philip Rusher of Banbury patented a new Patent Type with eliminated descenders and shortened ascenders.[3][4][5][6] The type did not prove successful, nor did another use in 1852.[7][8] The Art Nouveau display typeface Hobo and headline typeface Permanent Headline which also eliminate descenders have both been somewhat popular since.[9]

Some early computer displays (for example, the Compukit UK101) and printers (for example, the Commodore 4022[10]) restricted the vertical spacing of characters so that there was no space for correct display of descenders. Instead, characters with descenders were displaced vertically upwards so that the bottom of the descender was aligned with the baseline. Contemporary systems that did not have this restriction were described as supporting true descenders.

ISC has a range of Descenders & Rope Adjusters, suitable for a variety of applications including Rope Access, Technical Rescue, Escape and Work Positioning. Our D4 & D5 Work/Rescue descenders feature a unique, patented design, offering a precise, positive and progressive action when descending.

Tree climbing has come a long way in recent years. Much of the old manual ways of ascending and descending have changed, with new products being developed at a rapid pace. Still, some prefer the classic ascending tools available, and they still do well on the market. If you're looking for ascenders, descenders, or combination systems, look no further. We've got what you're looking for. Learn a little bit about each of these categories below.

Descenders are less varied than the ascending tools that they complement. The traditional figure 8 design requires much attention to work safely. Cammed descenders are safer. They allow climbers to control their descent by pulling a handle, allowing for control while braking. Some have incorporated panic stops, preventing uncontrolled descents. This means you won't reach the ground too quickly.

From self-braking descenders with an anti-panic function through compact figure eight belay devices to rescue devices with a winch function, the EDELRID range offers you custom solutions for almost every use. Certain descenders can also be used for work positioning or belaying lead climbers.

CMI has a variety of descenders and belay devices available to fill any requirement. CMI pioneered the '8'-ring, and has now taken the technological lead in improving the rappel rack. Our products set the standard for strength in a lightweight package.

Notice the underline skips the "p" and "y" descenders. If I go to another site that's using the same font and throw text-decoration: underline in, it doesn't apply the same underline styling. Any ideas?

As of March 2022, it's the default for underlines to skip descenders in dominant Western scripts. That's when the last major browser (Safari) adopted text-decoration-skip-ink. It's default value is auto, which permits the browser to "interrupt underlines and overlines so that they do not touch or closely approach a glyph" as you've asked for (Mozilla). To recreate the old styling, use none.

The descenders of some letters may touch or almost touch letters in the line below causing awkward or distracting patterns. This is most likely to happen or be obvious when a line of text with long descenders is above a line of text with tall ascenders and capital letters. Some solutions include: Increase the leading (line spacing) between lines of type; Choose a different typeface; For headlines and subheads, some careful editing/re-wording can eliminate the problem; Changing the alignment of the text may also help.

In most fonts, descenders are reserved for lowercase characters such as g, j, q, p, and y. Some fonts, however, also use descenders for some numerals (typically 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9). Such numerals are called old-style numerals. (Some italic fonts, such as Computer Modern italic, put a descender on the numeral 4 but not on any other numerals. Such fonts are not considered old-style.) Some fonts also use descenders for the tails on a few uppercase letters such as J and Q.

@Gs69 that game was freaking awesome. It was basically the real ssx of mountain bike games. So over the top though, you could basically land jumping off the side of a cliff. No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking on ps1 was pretty fun as well. I think that game played a lot closer to descenders.

Descender is the anatomical name which refers to portions of certain letters that substantially descends below the baseline, extend further down then most other letters. The opposite of a descender is an ascender, both of which are types of extenders. Generally only lower-case letters poses descenders, like g, j, p, q, and y. However, some fonts render certain capital letters with descenders, most commonly Q, and at times J.

The descenders of certain letters have an allies. For example, the descenders of the letters j, y, and the capital Q are also called tails, because they curve or slant, unlike that of p and q which remain completely vertical. And that of the double-story g (see the image to the right) is also called a lobe or loop. Also, in many fonts, the lower-case f possesses a tail, or descender, when italicized.

In many fonts, small portions of many letters will subtly hang below the baseline (or above the x-height or cap height), but such is called an overshoot, and should not be mistaken for descenders or extenders.

The crew of the Linius Pallitax consisted of Nate, Cade, Celestia, Tug, the banderbear Theegum and the armourer Seftis Bule as well as the academics Sentafuce, Grent One-Tusk, Demora Duste and Fenda Fulefane. Using their skyship, they could descend faster than ever before and soon arrived at Denizens Keep, the very furthest point of the Descenders' range.Demora and Sentafuce had however been affected by their descent and both were trapped in memories that fused together. As they all made their way to the hut, a ravine demon struck and was only killed by Denizen Ulnix Tollinix. He took Demora and Sentafuce into his care and warned Nate and the other descenders not to continue their descent because of an imminent glister storm. Ignoring his advice, the rest of the descent party continued their freefall. Amid the glister storm, Fenda and Grent were seduced by dreams of their past to take off their protective helmets. The rest of the crew later found their dead bodies on the scree fields. Exploring the scree fields, Cade discovered marks left behind by the Professor, giving away the route of his intended further descent. When the Linius Pallitax descended further, they discovered Groundrise and the Professor mysteriously appeared in their ship, explaining the workings of the Edge to them and then fading into a strange being. Tug was transformed, his wild features disappearing and his mind gaining full control of language. Collecting the rest of their crew at Denizens' Keep, they made their way up the cliffs.

When they arrived on the central square below the Great Viaduct, they were greeted only by Danton Clore and his tallow-hats. He had taken over control of the city after the battle and imprisoned Eudoxia in the old Hall of High Cloud. Nate was taken hostage and held captive in the Loftus Observatory, the other descenders were imprisoned in a wrecked phraxship. Brock had taken a direct hit in the battle against Quove Lentis' phaxfleet and landed near the School of Squalls. For teen weeks after the battle he had been scouting the region near the Edgewater Falls and preparing to attack. His undercover skymarshals had gained intel that Nate refused to offer anything, and intercepted a ratbird message that Nate and Cade would be sold out to Quove Lentis. Brock freed Cade, Celestia and Tug from their prison. As Danton Clore was announcing Nate Quarter's 'departure', Brock interrupted. Hundreds of academics tore off their black robes to reveal the Sanctaphrax blue still worn beneath, and Clore fled on the Herald of the Fourth Age. He attacked several buildings and threatened to shoot Eudoxia, but Brock threw himself in front of her. The skymarshal died in Celestia's arms. A boulder soared up from beneath the Edge, hit Clore's ship and as as the boulder fell, vapour streams revealed the silhouette of the sky creature the Professor had turned into.

Drax Adereth made his way from Ambristown to the Farrow Ridges in a skycarrier, intending to take revenge on Cade before starting a new life as a sky pirate.Cade and Celestia decided to leave New Sanctaphrax and return to the Farrow Ridges. On their way there, they stopped in Hive to meet Tillman Spoke and Whisp, who gave Cade a present.Gart, Delfina and Thorne Lammergyre had prepared a welcome party for their descenders, however, as Cade and Tug made their way to their cabin, they were surprised by Drax Adereth, who killed Rumblix and injured Tug.

In my opinion the typographically least offending way to underline in print is to leave out the descenders. This is also how I learned to do it in handwriting.Very few fonts offer a pre-made underlined variant, but some text-processors (e.g. OS X text-engine) do -- depending on the font used -- an acceptable job at emulating this effect:

Canyoning descenders are devices designed specifically for canyoning, allowing for quick setup, lock-off and adding/removing friction on the fly. Often with funky designs and originating from every corner of the world, they have also become collectible items amongst some canyoneers. 041b061a72


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